Big Loader   
Review by Rocky 


There are just too many ways to customize this gun that it is almost impossible just to list them here. But here are some of the modifications that I have done to my TS-1 that makes it truly perform as a very formidable marker.

  1. BOA Nickel Plated 14" Barrel with .688" inner diameter
  2. Custom Modified Big Loader (200 round working capacity)
  3. Two Finger Trigger
  4. ADCO Sight
  5. 45 Frame and Hogue Grips
  6. Bottomline With Quick Disconnect
  7. Palmer's Pursuit Stabilizer Regulator
  8. 20 oz. Anti-siphon Tank

There should be a balance of looks and performance when modifying your gun. The reason why I installed a system with an on gun tank was to compensate for the recoil that the gun produces and to create a stock with which to steady the gun even more.


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My GunView Loader ModVL Mod
Click here for the most current pic of my superkit 

How to series:


  • Aftermarket products such as HPA tanks/regs as well as stocks and sights can be purchased through F.U.N. Supply, the Premiere AT dealer on the 'net.
  • AT guns can me modified by Sam Tussing for low pressure and Jackhammer mods.
  • Hate changing barrel sizers?  check out the Unisizer Page.
Member's Guns:
Paul Sedler's "Mini Gun" - This pic was taken by Rocky Grismore. For those of you who do not know Paul, he was the Production Manager at Tagline's West Coast office.  Paul's gun was displayed during the Zap Amateurs, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US). Also featured at the tournament was a cut away "minigun" that showed the working innards. 
Click this link to take a look at Richard "Ronin" Allen's TS1K.  Pretty nifty package when going into close quarters bunkering action!  Richard sawed off the front end of his gun and is using a VL clip mod to feed rounds into the gun's clip. 
Yet another compact TS1.  This one is called the "stubbie" which was made by Robb  Lussier, also known as "Gumby."  Robb works for ATS and is their their technical man who fixes your guns when you send them in for repairs. 
Chris Jarvis, to solve his need to feed more paint into the gun, came up with this mod to the clip so that you can feed more than 10 rounds per second into the gun. The basic viewloader is restrained by gravity and can only feed at rates of only 10rps.  But with the TS1, you can fire much faster than this. Chris cut a portion of the viewloader mod within the clip so that balls can feed down from the front loader and onto the chain drive.  To prevent possible jamming, he also glued a wall in the clip so that balls coming from the front foregrip feeds directly onto the chain drive. 
Jeff Wenner (TSOOG #075) - AT10R with VL3000, Armson Prodot sight, Beamshot 3000 daytime laser, and gas-thru stock. 
Thomas Sparkman (TSOOG #028) - VL2000, gas-through stock 
Derek Steven  (TSOOG #011) - ANS Phase II expansion chamber, Traccer bottomline and silencer. 
Dick Pavano (TSOOG #070) 
Burleigh Wood (TSOOG #042) - 16" ATS Sniper Barrrel, lowered vlmod, HPA conversion, uni-sizer, .45 handle with wooden grips, double trigger job, and red dot scope

Sam Tussing (TSOOG #108) made a custom brass trigger with return spring. 

Doc Nickel's modified clip.  This is version one of his modification.  Can't wait to see more toys coming from his Alaskan machine shop.  Check his web page at

I just hope his new version is light weight.:P


Rusty Myers (TSOOG #160)   Incorporated a British L1A1 Stock, 4X scope on raised sight rails (Zeroed at 60 feet), VL Revolution (not pictured), M203 Paintball Grenade Launcher (25 Balls, range 100', Spread 40' @ 100').  The second barrel is actually the twist change.  I have added a 16" sniper barrel to this as well.  I call her "Intimidator" (my wife actually named it). email him  check his site


Trent Puckett (TSOOG #187)  Sling arrangement I came up with runs through the handy slots on the M4/CAR-15 buttstock, and attaches to a short 'dog tag' chain in black, run through the front sight assembly. The chain ensures the sling falls free and does not block line-of-sight through the AT's open sights.  The sling itself is a surplus 1" tourniquet, though any 1" webbing will do.


Trung Chanh Phan Paintballs are stored in a long
hose in the backpack (medium alice). Then co2 is turned on via a pushbutton on the fore grip and the balls travel through the hose straight into the clip. Work alright so far. This loader system can hold anywhere from 500-1800 rounds (depending on how much hose you want on your back:).

I'm waiting for Rusty's grenade launcher before I permanently attach the switch. As to the feed rate, there are no problems whatsoever in keeping up with the 12-14 rounds that the AT can do in either nitro or co2. I could empty the entire paintball load of 800 in about 30 seconds.  email him

Zack Tscharanyan (TSOOG #245) Got his gun to look pretty close to an AT-4. email him

Nate Timm (TSOOG #182) Attached a bipod to his gun.  email him


Thad Drum (TSOOG #205)   email him

Vincent Troncoso II   email him

1. at203 gernade launcher
2. VL18 volt revolution
3. VL clip and standard
4. Modified trigger for a lightened trigger pull
5. Bsa 42 millimeter 11 power red dot sight
6. Expansion chamber
7. Thunder pig external regulator
8. Bottom line
9. Car 15 gas thru stock
10. 3000 psi remote
11. 20 oz on/off antisiphon tank
gun will have low pressue chamber in 5 weeks when it is sent back!

Matt Pennebaker (TSOOG #197)   email him

Thunderpig 2000 Reg
CooperT Vertical adapter
Flawless performance at 11.8bps on Co2
Never freezes the gun.

AT203 Grenade launcher
16" ATS Barrel
Gas Thru Stock
M16 Sight Rail

TS1_Bigloader_bota.jpg (8097 bytes) TS1_Bigloader_topa.jpg (7900 bytes)

TS1_Shorta.jpg (7904 bytes) TS1_Suppressed_La.jpg (7950 bytes)

TS1_triggera.jpg (7569 bytes)

David Conty (TSOOG #103)   email him
Double Trigger
Big Loader Mod


Jonathan Glidden (TSOOG #292)
  Hunter  email him
Ricochet loader
Gas-through stock

Jason Lee email him  (TSOOG #217)