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San Luis Obispo Senior High School

Class of 1975

25-Year Reunion - August 5-6, 2000

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Jeffrey Greene

Relationship Status: Married for 15 years
Significant Other's Name: Lorene
Children's Names and Ages Rosalynne (9), Dane (7), Alisa (5)
Occupation Minister
Employer Emanuel Lutheran Church
Cool Stuff I Did in High School It was all a blur.
Cool Stuff I've Done in the Last 25 Years Lots and lots of school. In fact, another 11 years worth. I'm a Reverend Doctor.

Married fifteen years with three children. One dog (second round - had two before) and looking for a cat.

Traveled the world right after high school and B.C. (before children). Had my own business for fifteen years.

Then I was called into the ministry and I've been a Lutheran pastor for the past ten years.