Description: 5’8” average build, hazel eyes, long black hair; always found wearing black

Relationship: Sons: Sparow, Raven

Char Info: A lady who hates Silver samurai with a passion. Abused and used her own son, Sparow in an attempt to kill Silver Samurai.



Description: 6’8”, muscular build, amber eyes, short red hair. Wear crimson red armor more suited for showing off his muscles than actual protection

Relationships: Sister: Rosa

Char Info: A fellow mercenary like his buddy Raven. Little else is none about this powerful man.



Description: 5’6”, lean build, green eyes, dyed green hair, no surprise she usually found wearing an emerald green dress.

Relationships: Husband: New Samurai, Sisters(triplets): Sapphire, Ruby

Char Info: Despises her two sisters. Unlike her sisters she married for power not love.


Forgotten One

Description: 6’3”, average build, blue eyes, short blond hair, changes costumes more often then he changes loyalties.

Relationships: Father: Spell Master, Brother: Silver Samurai

Char Info: Hates his brother because he always stole Forgotten One’s spotlight. Had a hand in the death of Silver Samurai



Description: 6’0”, stout build, blue contacts, brown eyes naturally, dyed blond hair, later with dyed jet-black hair. Wears chain mail.

Relationships: Mother: Rosa, Father: Nightmare

Char Info: A confused young man who goes through false fathers faster then most people go through pairs of shoes.


New Samurai

Description: 6’7”, average build, jet black eyes, long black hair. Bears an uncanny resemblance to the deceased Silver Samurai, wears a black battle outfit.

Relationships: Wife: Emerald

Char Info: Leader of the once powerful FWL. Refused to believe his archenemy Silver Samurai is dead and still hunts for him to this day.



Description: 6’5”, stout build, hazel eyes, dusty gray full beard and ruffled hair. Usually wear a black and red battle outfit

Relationships: Sons: Raven, Hawk

Char Info: a man who spent his life trying to get the best of Silver Samurai. With Silver samurai death Nightmare has turned his attention to Silver Samurai’s two kids.



Description: 6’, lean build, black eyes, spiky black hair. A demi human with metal claws and large bat wings, usually dress in black.

Relationship: Father: Nightmare, Mother: Celes, Half Brother: Sparow, Hawk

Char Info: A powerful mercenary who holds no loyalty to anyone.



Description: 5’6” lean build, blue contacts, dyed blond hair; usually found wearing red.

Relationships: Sons: Silver, Hawk, Brother: Crimson

Char Info: A lady of many talents, who masterminded the death of Silver Samurai



Description: 6’0, muscular build, amber eyes, fiery red hair. Wear revealing ruby red armor.

Relationships: Sisters(triplets): Sapphire, Emerald, Husband: Sparow

Char Info: Follows her husband around like a loyal bodyguard, although she keeps her feelings for him mostly to herself.



Description: 5’7”, lean figure, blue eyes, long blond hair. Wear sapphire blue armor.

Relationships: Sisters(triplets): Ruby, Emerald, Husband: Silver

Char Info: Carefree girl who loves who husband with a passion.



Description: 6’7”, average build. Keeps his feature concealed with a long blue hooded cloak and white opera style mask

Relationships: ???

Char Info: Little is known about this mysterious man



Description:  6’1”, lean build, brown eyes, long dark brown hair. Wears a little blue battle outfit.

Relationships: Father: Silver Samurai, Mother: Rosa, Half Brother: Sparow Hawk, Wife: Sapphire

Char Info: The hero of our story who takes after his deceased father, vowing to protect the innocent.


Silver Samurai

Description: n/a

Relationships: Father: Spell Master, Brother: Forgotten One Sons: Silver, Sparow

Char Info: The old hero of our stories. Was slain by Spider after the betrayal of his brother and lover.



Description: 5’11”, lean build. Wear a black ninja outfit, complete with mask that he never takes off.

Relationships: Father: Silver Samurai, Mother: Celes, Half Brother: Silver, Raven, Wife: Ruby

Char Info: The complex ninja who hates his deceased father with a passion. Currently searching for a meaning of his life.


Spell Master

Description: 6’5”, average build, hazel eyes, long gray bear and long hair. Wears a black wizard robe

Relationships: Sons: Silver Samurai, Forgotten One

Char Info: The most powerful wizard to ever live met his untimely end three years ago.



Description: 6’7” average build, brown hair, long black hair. Usually wear a combination of white and black.

Relationships: none

Char Info: Gained quite a bit of fame for killing Silver Samurai. Used the fame to create a powerful crime group called The Web


White Phantom

Description: 6’6”, average build, blue eyes, gray full beard and long hair; wears white battle outfit complete with a long flowing cape.

Relationships: none

Char info: The last of the elves. Hates New Samurai with a passion, who killed off the elves burning the forest looking for Silver Samurai after his death.