Weapon: A light blue colored katana to match his outfit

Magic Powers: Just like his name, his powers are a mystery

Background: Poor kid, he is the son of Rosa and silver Samurai, yet if you look on his birth certificate under first name simply ??? is put there. The reason for this is Rosa and silver samurai could not decide on a name for their kid at time of birth, so the hospital was forced to put ??? on his birth certificate. To this day his parents haven’t thought of a name for him. What may be even stranger, although he is only 2 years old, like his twin Hawk, unlike Hawk ??? has not uttered a word since birth.

Currently:  Training to be a crime fighter by his dad, Silver Samurai




Weapon: Heaven Sword

Magic Powers:  Star Magic

Background: Angel is the daughter of God himself and the brother of Mystic Knight. She was the former love of Bodyguard when he was still in the Heroes, protecting Silver Samurai. After Bodyguard turned evil, Angel disappeared. No one thought they see her again but she reappeared at the Tournament of Champions aiming to turn her love Bodyguard back to good. But for some unknown reason she joined the Underworld Team after her defeat to the current Lord of The Underworld, Bomb Squad.

Currently:  still working for the Underworld Team




Weapon: a sword given to her by her love White Phantom

Magic Powers: Telepathic powers

Background: Once upon a time, there was beautiful super model named Angela. Scientists saw the model and wanted to create more people as beautiful as Angela. After the recent success of cloning Silver Samurai they attempted to clone Angela. The cloning process has a unique effect on this once powerless supermodel. As a result she now has telepathic abilities. White Phantom took her under his wing and taught her how to use her powers, the two soon grew to be lovers. Recently when the Heroes we captured by FWL she became a willing member of FWL.

Currently:  Still works with White Phantom in the evil Heroes




Weapon: sword, but can use any weapon with great skill

Magic Powers: none

Background: Former treasure hunter before being recruited by New Samurai

Currently:  An escapee from FWL, with a 1.9 million dollar bounty on his head.


Black Knight


Weapon: knight sword

Magic Powers: none

Background: A knight gone bad, from the middle ages. Brought to the future by the Time Traveler Dark Crusader.

Currently:  Current member of FWL


Black Shadow


Weapon: Sword, grappling hook, ninja stars (all built into him)

Magic Powers: none

Background:  It’s amazing what mad scientist can do now a days. After being captured by Liz, this once average human being, just trying to do the right thing was transformed into a half man/half machine. Although Liz started to have feelings for him, his feelings for her are still in question

Currently:  working for the evil Heroes


Blue Knight


Weapon: Blue Orb Sword (A sword with a blue orb at the bottom of the handle, this is the source of his magic)

Magic Powers: Blue energy bolts

Background: His specific history is unknown. Recently he appeared out of the blue to save his sister, Jewels from the vampire curse.

Currently:  working with Jewels in the Underworld team




Weapon: sword, sledgehammer

Magic Powers: super human strength

Background: Former bodyguard of Silver Samurai. Joined FWL for unknown reasons.

Currently:  bodyguard of New Samurai


Bomb Squad


Weapon: Black Energy Sword

Magic Powers: dark magic from the underworld

Background: a child hood friend of Silver Samurai, jealousy lead Bomb squad to consider Silver Samurai his archrival. Won a tournament two years ago, granting him the Title ‘Lord of The Underworld’ Ironically his last match in the tournament was against Silver Samurai.

Currently:  Lord of The Underworld, plotting to take over the world




Weapon: Rune Sword

Magic Powers: black ice

Background: If there were two words that could describe Celes, they would be, without a doubt, cold hearted. She is the mother of Sparow, and responsible for his troubled childhood. She cares only about one thing, and that’s to kill Silver Samurai (join the club lady)

Currently:  Still seeking out Silver Samurai


Dark Crusader


Weapon: Black Sword, a sword made out of one of the arrows from the now destroyed Black Crossbow, a crossbow able to kill in one shot.

Magic Powers: With the help of his sword he is able to live forever, travel through time, and kill any human with one blow from his sword

Background: The evil step brother of Lost Soul. He once swore to kill his step brother, but when he found his step brother almost dead, he decided to make Lost Soul his puppet.

Currently:  Working in the FWL


Dark Ninja


Weapon: Fire Sword

Magic Powers: Fire- Ninja Fireball

Background:  Five years ago, scientist wanted to clone the world’s greatest hero, Silver Samurai, the result being Dark Ninja. For a few years the two worked together but when Dark ninja found out he was nothing more than a clone, with no history of his own, he went berserk and rebelled against Silver Samurai and all that was good. He eventually found his way into FWL, where he worked until recently when Soul Warrior and Sparow saved him.

Currently:  A member of the Peace Keepers


Disgruntled Housewife


Weapon:  A magic sword she “borrowed” from her ex husband Spell Master

Magic Powers:  all her magic come from the sword, armor and various other gizmos she  “borrowed” from Spell Master

Background:  Just your common ordinary housewife, right? Well I suppose nothing is normal when you are married to the World’s greatest magician. The two divorced after only a short three years together. Disgruntled Housewife took the young Silver Samurai in the divorce and whatever magic artifacts she could get her hands on. Unfortunately this normal human could not take the power of the magic artifacts turning this once peaceful mom into an evil woman, wanting to destroy all that got on her nerves. Her first target was her awful ex Spell Master. She didn’t get to Spell Master, dark Crusader got their first, so now she aims to punish the one who made eight-teen years of her life miserable, her son Silver Samurai.

Currently:  Working for FWL, and training her new son Fox




Weapon: Earth Staff

Magic Powers: Earth

Background:  unknown

Currently:  Currently entered in the FWL tournament as New Samurai’s partner


Evil Angela


Weapon: a sword that was given to her as a gift by Dark Crusader

Magic Powers: telepathic

Background:  Evil Angela is the clone of the super model Angela. But just like the clone before her, Dark Ninja, she too went berserk and turned evil. She joined up with Dark Crusader’s group of evil, and immediately fell in love with him.

Currently:  Now works for FWL alongside dark Crusader


Forgotten One


Weapon: Fire Rod (resembles a think lead pipe)

Magic Powers: Fire- Fire Strike, Phoenix Strike (both attack come from his fire rod)

Background: Was given up at birth, and later adopted by a couple living next door to Silver Samurai. It wasn’t until the two grew up until they found out they were brothers. Former member of The Samurais. Former Member of The Heroes.

Currently:  a retired crime fighter, engaged to Leslee




Weapon: a highly powerful gun issued to him by the Galaxy Police

Magic Powers: who needs magic when you got a gun?

Background: High school friend of Silver Samurai, who always was a little bit more than friendly than normal with Silver Samurai, if you know what I mean. Recently released by the Star Corps for being a little extra friendly to the new recruits. Shortly after that he was “adopted” by Disgruntled Housewife.

Currently:  Training under the wing of Disgruntled Housewife


Green Amber


Weapon: none

Magic Powers: Superhuman strength, laser eyes, ability to fly

Background: Now if you are talking about true super heroes, you must be talking about Green Amber. Complete with a secret identity that only his love, Janne knows, this big man with a kind heart used to be very active in the crime fighting. Used to being the key word.

Currently:  M.I.A.




Weapon: Justice Sword

Magic Powers: healing

Background: Son of Silver Samurai and Rosa. Looks much older than he actually is.

Currently:  Training to be a crime fighter by Silver Samurai




Weapon: Fire sword

Magic Powers: fire

Background: Just a damsel in distress, right? Well so Green Amber thought the day he rescued this country girl. In reality this southern bell is quite skilled in both sword play and fire magic. She is also the only person to know the true identity of Green Amber

Currently:  M.I.A.




Weapon: sword

Magic Powers: limited dark magic

Background: Former vampire, who was saved from the curse by her brother Blue Knight and Bomb Squad. As repayment she started to work  for the Underworld Team.

Currently:  Still works for the Underworld Team




Weapon: Crescent Moon  Staff

Magic Powers: A very gifted magician, although she rarely uses her magic

Background: Princess of the Aqua moon Tundra. She was saved from the sudden and unexplained destruction of Tundra by Silver Samurai. It was back on earth where Silver Samurai introduced her to his brother Forgotten One.

Currently:  Living peacefully of Earth with her fiancé Forgotten One.




Weapon: whip

Magic Powers: telepathic

Background: She was just your common every day, mad scientist looking for a guinea pig for her experiments. She tried to capture Silver Samurai for her experiments but ended up getting his partner at the time, Black Shadow. Well a human, is a human so she transformed him into a half man/half machine. But for some strange reason during the procedure she ended up falling for Black Shadow.

Currently:  working for the evil Heroes


Lost Soul


Weapon: Dark Crystal Sword

Magic Powers: With the help of his sword, he is able to live forever and travel through time, without the sword he will die.

Background: His step brother is Dark Crusader, but not much else is known about his past. Recently his sword was stolen by the Underworld Team. He now must depend of the dark energy for his step brothers old sword to survive.

Currently:  Working alongside Dark Crusader in FWL




(Author’s note: Marina’s character belongs to a friend of mine, who was kind, and let me use her in the FWL tournament)

Weapons:  Katana and ninja stars.

Magic Powers:  She has power of water (in any form i.e.: ice, steam, etc).

She can transform into Mystic Rain, which enhances her powers. 

Personality:  Slightly vain.  She enjoys mocking her enemies when she knows

that she is going to win.  If an enemy were to go after her partner she

would get very angry and attack with fury.  She is very intuitive and thinks

before she acts.

Currently:    Spends time fighting universal enemies with her friends.

Spends her spare time practicing martial arts with Rinyn.


Mystic Knight


Weapon:  Heaven Sword

Magic Powers:  light magic

Background:  The son of God himself, who came down to earth to cause trouble. Yes cause trouble. Mystic Knight was always a rebel, and to teach his father a lesson he started causing trouble for the common man. Well trouble he caused, but only for himself. After an unsuccessful attack on an abounded castle he was attacked and transformed into a vampire. When he was vampire he met Jewels, and the two fell in love. When Jewels was cured of the curse, she went back and saved Mystic Knight from the curse.

Currently:  Working with Jewels in the Underworld Team


New Samurai


Weapon: Black Fire Sword

Magic Powers: Black fire- Black fireball rain, Samurai Black Fireball

Background: A few short years ago, Silver Samurai was killed by the Black crossbow, causing his spirit to split into two, the good side, and the bad side. The evil spirit started to go on a rampage under the name of Soul Warrior. It wasn’t until the spirit found a suitable body to reside in that he started calling himself New Samurai, a person that vowed to crush the good side of him, Silver Samurai. But New Samurai realized in order for evil to rule this world, he had to not only kill the world’s greatest hero, Silver Samurai, but take it over too. To accomplish this task he created the FWL, Future World Leaders

Currently:  Still rules FWL with an iron fist.




Weapon: a sword he captured from Silver Samurai

Magic Powers: True to his name, he has the ability to not only control people’s nightmares but make them come to life

Background: Silver Samurai oldest foe to date.  Ever since Silver Samurai was old enough to pick up a sword, Nightmare has been there to haunt him. The first major battle between the two, came when Silver Samurai was still a teenager. Nightmare had captured Forgotten One, and Silver samurai came to rescue him. Silver Samurai manage to win their first fight, but not before Nightmare captured what he believed to be the source of Silver Samurai’s power, his sword. Nightmare was also the one wielding the Black Crossbow which killed Silver Samurai. He was recently captured when he tried to attack the once fabled town, Rainbow City.

Currently:  an escapee from Rainbow City’s prison




Weapon: Ray gun

Magic Powers: sorry to say but robots can’t use magic

Background: Ray or RAYMOND was the first robot ever built on Tundra. He was built by The Star Team, Tundra’s form of the police, for the soul purpose of protecting the princess Leslee. When Leslee escaped Tundra he went along with her as her bodyguard. Ray  joined the Heroes, and remained loyal to the princess until FWL took over the Heroes. FWL reprogrammed him, and now he doesn’t remember his former duties to the princess

Currently:  A loyal soldier in FWL




Weapon: Scythe

Magic Powers: he’s a skilled necromancer

Background: The son of the devil himself. He has now vow revenge on Silver Samurai since it was Silver Samurai’s father who killed his father. Ruled the Underworld in his dad’s place until he set up a tournament for his title. He was defeated in the tournament by the new Lord of the Underworld Bomb Squad.

Currently:  Bomb Squad’s right hand man, although many think Reaper is usually Bomb Squad as a puppet, and Reaper still runs the Underworld.




(Author’s note: Rinyn’s character belongs to a friend of mine, who was kind, and let me use him in the FWL tournament)

Weapons:  Broadsword.

Magic Powers:  None, but he does have protective armor that enhances is

strength and speed (not as fast as Marina though).

Personality:  Very protective of Marina, despite her powers.  He often gets

himself in trouble trying to help her.  

Currently:  Trying to get strong enough to help Marina with her mission, and

trying to get enough courage to ask her out.



Weapon:  Bow and arrow

Magic Powers:  Healing and various other magic granted to her by her mother Phoenix

Background:  Born from the all powerful fire bird Phoenix. The Phoenix was not only the one who created The samurai, it gave Forgotten One the all powerful Phoenix Strike. As for Rosa ever since the Phoenix, invited Silver Samurai and Forgotten One to create the Samurais, she has been in love with Silver Samurai.

Currently:  Raising her two kids in the Forest of Illusion




Weapon: Fire Whip

Magic Powers: Fire

Background: unknown

Currently:  Sparow’s partner in the FWL tournament.




Weapon: a really big gun

Magic Powers: His gun can shot many different types of magic

Background: child hood friend of Silver Samurai. Killed in the Northridge Earthquake. Although Silver Samurai tried, he wasn’t able to save his friend. But Sandman still blames Silver Samurai for his death.

Currently:  Member of the Underworld Team




Weapon: Wind Sword

Magic Powers: wind

Background: unknown

Currently:  entered in the FWL tournament as ??? partner


Shadow Caster


Weapon: Shadow Sword

Magic Powers: Shadow Magic- he can control the shadows

Background: Not much is known about him, he just appeared from the shadows one day and started attacking innocent people

Currently:  member of FWL


Silver Samurai


Weapon: White Fire Sword

Magic Powers: White fire- Samurai White Fireball

Background:  A long and complicated past our hero has indeed. At one time he boasted the honor of being the leaders of The Samurais, a three person crime fighting organization. At one point in time he was the Co-Leader of The Heroes, the greatest crime fighting organization ever assembled. Went back in time to save his childhood sweetheart, Melisa, later marrying her. To this day he is still legally married to her.  A few short years ago he was killed at the hands of Nightmare, his oldest enemy. Only with the help of his old love, Rosa’s magic was he able to come back to life. Ever since then he has been living with Rosa and avoiding Melisa.

Currently:  Protecting Avatar


Soul Warrior


Weapon: Soul Sword

Magic Powers: still unknown

Background:  Not much is known about this wandering mass collection of souls. He says he is the combined souls of all the innocent people slain through the years. He/she/it what ever you want to call Soul Warrior has recently put together the small, but elite team of fighters trying to take the place of the Heroes, and fight crime for the common good.

Currently:  Leader of the Peace Keepers




Weapon: one of his father’s old swords

Magic Powers: Ice-fire, an unique combination of fire and ice magic. Although the magic looks like ice, it does spread rapidly like fire, not only that it can easily freeze fire in its tracks.

Background:  What a tragic past our lone ninja has. His father abandoned him when he was young, leaving him to be raised by his cruel and heartless mother, Celes. His mother raised him to be an assassin, and more importantly never reveal his face to anyone. Sparow’s first job from his mom was to kill Silver Samurai. He failed his mission, leaving his mom furious. Recently Sparow had one more chance to finish the job in The Tournament of Champions. But before Sparow could face Silver Samurai in the tournament his had to face his own mom. His mom was all to quick to teach her son a lesson, leaving Sparow with another failed attempt, as he mom went on in the tournament to try to do her own dirty work. He was wondering alone, and near death when Soul Warrior found him and took him in.

Currently:  a member of Peace Keepers, although his mind is still on proving to him, and his mom that he can and will kill Silver Samurai.


White Phantom


Weapon: An ancient sword his found in a lost tomb

Magic Powers: Snow and telepathic powers

Background:  A veteran of many battles, he is also quiet old, although doesn’t look it. He was even friend with Silver Samurais now dead dad, Spell Master. He is the Former Co-Leader of the Heroes. Used to be a very handsome man, but after a fight with a creature in the snowy mountains, White Phantom now has a grotesque scar running down his cheek. When the FWL took over the Heroes, White Phantom was all to willing to cooperate, perhaps he blames the scar of his Silver Samurai who was knocked out at the time of the incident

Currently:  Sole Leader of the now evil Heroes




Weapon: Database Sword (A sword with its own computer chip inside of it)

Magic Powers: He’s a robot with the fighting style of every hero imbedded in his brain, there forth making him unbeatable… so he thought

Background:  After the destruction of Tundra, X was the only bit of data that survived. Somehow the data managed to rebuild Tundra and create a realistic human body for him. He has now amassed quite a robot army and aims to destroy the Queen Leslee for abandoning Tundra

Currently:  Leads the Star Corps of Tundra