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Below is a photographic library of the autos my Parents and I have put together. This website is simply for enjoyment. Please have a look around.Thank you.

This one is a 1950 Plymouth 2-door business coupe. The engine is a chrysler spitfire flathead six, that has been slightly modified. This car is a real runner. With only a few hundred miles it isn't even worn in. This car is a sentimental piece for my Mother, and it is special to all of us.Guess what!

This is the 1951 Plymouth 2-door Concord fastback. I love this car. We put close to 5 or 6 years of work into it, and we are completly satisfied. It isn't totally stock, but oh well. It is still all MOPAR. Update!

Even More 51! Extra! Extra!

< This is the 1953 Plymouth 2-door Cranbrook. We got this car in such bad shape but now it's awesome. This car is also for sale. E-mail if you have any questions. More!

This guy from the Netherlands has a very nice 50 Plymouth Business coupe. (Just like the one at the top of the page)

Mean Faces!!

This is my Brother's 1966 Plymouth Fury III, Click on this link to check it out. This one too is alvailable, please E-mail with questions. More!

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This website shows a variety of plymouths and will show off yours, if you let them. Click it!

Check out these beauties! Great deals, don't miss out!!!

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