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Doug and Carol's Wedding

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Doug and Carol met on the internet on ICQ in the fall of 1998. Carol was looking for a new hobby as she had given up crafts when her husband took sick in 1991 and she had to stay at home to take care of him until he passed away in 1995.

Doug lived in Burlington Iowa and had put his wife in the nursing home that year with Picks disease and was looking for some comunication on his computor with someone else as there was very little info on caring for someone with Pick's Disease.

My grandson hooked me up on my new computor with ICQ as he said I needed to find others to talk to. (And I figured if my grandkids could learn to run the computor that I could too)

Well in March of 2000 we met and visited each other several times a year, giving Doug some respite time which is critical for all caregivers. Doug's wife passed away in Jan 2003. This spring he poped the question and we were married on Aug 23rd in my garden in Chatham Ontario Canada.

This is part of the crowd of friends and family and neighbours

Dr. Rev. Bill Russell on porch looking over crowd

Rev. Dr. Bill giving last minute instructions to Doug coming over from Enid's house

Debbie my daughter and maid of honour being helped off the ramp by my brother Bob, Doug's best man.

Carol (ME) coming down the ramp with the railings adorned with imitation flowers of purple, yellow and white. With the music of "Unchained Melody" sung by the Righteous Broth playing in the background.

Carol coming down the ramp through the arbour. You will notice all the flowers that were planted for the ceramony.

Carol and Doug taking their vows.

Carol and Doug exchanging rings

Rev. Dr. Bill blessing rings

Rev. Dr. Bill blessing us

Doug and Carol's first Kiss after ceramony

Carol signing the church register

Doug signing the church register

Bob, Carol, Rev. Dr. Bill, Doug and Debbie

Aunt Eleanor Sleeman congratulating Carol

Wedding Table, Shirley and Bob Wood, Doug and Carol Keck, Debbie White (Wright) and Ken Wright

Wedding Cake

Doug and Carol cutting Wedding Cake

Cutting Cake

Carol throwing flowers to the girls and Meggin James got it.

Doug's daughter Carilyn and husband Dell with Doug and Carol

Carol's brothers and sisters Wood family
from left to right back row
Rob Chambers, Kay and Les Wood, Bob Wood, Carilyn and Jack Wood, Nancy and Dennis Wiseman.
front row Vivian Chambers, Doug and Carol Keck, Shirley Wood


Ken Wright, Carol and Doug with Debbie White (Wright) and three kids at back Graham, Curtis and Jenny Brush

Cousin Wayne Sleeman, Doug Keck, Carol Keck, Aunt Eleanor Sleeman

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