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Holidays for Year 2000


Held every year for 5 days , ending with Labour Day, boasts of the worlds biggest Steam engine show, in Mount Pleasant Iowa. It was built and held on the McMillan Park. A group of volunteers got together and deceided they wanted a train for their park so raised the money to go and buy a used engine. The first they got from S. Carolina in 1960. They got a 1891 Baldwin Locomotive #6. and a 1906 locomotive #2. Over the years they had worked on several other trains reconditioning them for other parks. They built a 1 1/4 mile track around the park and have 3 locomotives that carry 35-40,000 passengers each year around the park. At the opposite end of the park or train station there is a working log village from the 1850's and a 60 acre campground. They now have 210 acres of show ground with 90 buildings.

Nightly they have big name entertainment. We saw Sawyer Brown and John Michael Montgomery.



The Narrow Gauge Tracks were built in 1960 by volunteers for the new railway.

The Organ Grinder would play for the passengers getting on and off the train.

This is "Snip Run" the recreated town at the railhead, with the Blacksmith Shop

Golden slipper Saloon where the volunteer dance hall lady's perform this week. The 3rd lady from the left in the red dress is the wife of a pastor from the community.

The Marshals of "Snipe Run" taking over after the Bank robbery. (sometimes it is a Train robery)

Finally after the shootout all robbers are shot or arrested and money returned.

The electric trolly that takes folks to the back of park to the Log village settlement

This is the 2nd oldest schoolhouse in Iowa that is still being used as a classroom.

This "Traveling Medicine Man" performs here every year and is quite entertaining and goes around the country doing this kind of shows.

This picture I found in the internet in their web site and found Doug and me in the audience quite a coincidence.

Boy Scout camp sets up to one side of the village.

This is a old Carousel or merry go round that has been reconditioned and I heard that this year it was to be enclosed in a building to preserve it.

A Steam Caliopee that is pulled in the parade.

KECK GONNERMAN TRACTOR a 20 hp made in 1923.

Part of the Parade Opening the Reunion.

A new addition to the saw mill

Waterwheel operating near the lake behind the stream forging hammer.

A very undermounted steam engine ready for the twice daily parade around the grounds.

A home built tractor

Overview of the west end of the show grounds


American Queen one of 3 ships that stop off at Burlington for the tourists each year.

This beautiful water fountain graces the riverfront, and is the area that the "Fun Fest Bathtub races" will be on July 28th

This is a recreation of the Statue of Liberty that was placed on the riverfront "MISSISSIPPI". and in the background you see the bridge that goes from Iowa to Illinois.

This is a building down town that someone has cleaverly painted windows on and Saloon Ladys and looks real until you get right up to it.


DANKWARDT PARK These two parks will be the scene of the "Fun Fest Walk" the end of July.


This jolly old cryer would advertise what all was going on the different ships 5 of them in port that day.

These "Pirates" would entertain the people abourd the ships while the tourists were on.

This rowboat would go out and check the depth of the water for the ships (before they got new navigational tools) so they were demonstrating onhow it was done.

My son Rob and his two kids Lauren and Nathan and a friend