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Carol Illeen Wood Married Kenneth Gerald White on September 12, 1953

Aunt Eleanor Sleeman, Grandma Anakin, Carol White, Debbie White 3 months old 1954

Deborah Lynne White born June 14, 1954 with her Mother Carol and Father Ken

Great Grandma and Grandad Anakin with Debbie and her Aunt Nancy Wood

Debbie one year old

Randall Kenneth White born Oct 10, 1955

Debbie and Randy

Debbie, Randy White with Aunt Vivian Wood

Debbie 5 yrs old and Randy White 4 yrs old

Debbie and Randy ready for Church

Randy, Debbie and Jimmy about 1959

Robert John White born April 26, 1960

Debbie in Brownies

Debbie, Robbie, Jimmy, Randy on Duke St.W'Burg

Randy, Debbie, Jimmy

Debbie in Majorettes

Wallaceburg Majorette Group of which I sewed the uniforms for the group

Wallaceburg Majorettes and Band from Wallaceburg. We hired a band leader from Chatham to teach our boys to play the instruments and we formed our own band with the Majorettes leading. We had fund raisers to make the money to buy the instruments.

Debbie and Ken Wright Wedding

DEBORAH LYNN WHITE born June 14th 1954 in Chatham Ontario, first married Dan Brush and divorced. Then Married Kenneth Wayne Wright,born May 18th, 1946. They were married in Sarnia Ontario Oct. 3rd 1997

Graham, Curtis and Jenny Brush at Grandma's Trailer
These are Debbies three children from first Marrage to Dan Brush

Graham Webster Brush born Aug 5th, 1981 in Sarnia Ontario now going to the Windsor University with brother
Curtis Daniel Brush born June 18th, 1977 in Sarnia Ontario, now going to school at the "Windsor University"
Jennifer Anne Brush born June 10th 1979, in Sarnia Ontario. now going to school at "Laurier University Watterloo".

Randy and Wendy's Wedding

Randell Kenneth White born Oct 10th, 1955in Chatham Ontario. Married Wendell Naden Brabaw born Oct. 15th 1957, in Wallaceburg Ontario. They were married in Wallaceburg

Ashley Rheane White born July 3rd 1982 in Wallaceburg Ontario.

Kyle Alexander White born March 14th 1985 in Wallaceburg Ontario

Jim and Peggy's Wedding


Michelle ready for bed


Carol, Robert and Lisa, Ken White

Lauren Nicole White born Sept 9, 1990

Nathen Andrew White born June 2nd 1988

Nathan and Lauren White