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MITCH'S PELAGIC SCHEDULE 2002 <bgsound src="/ca5/pelagics/midi/calidrea.mid" loop=infinite>

Mitchís Pelagic Schedule 2002

Here is the "story so far"... the schedule for 2002,
so far as I know it. These are all LAAS trips. Other
dates have not been set yet. (e.g. Arguello/deepwater)
They are all Saturdays, and various co-leaders like
Dave Pereksta, Kevin Larson, and Kimball Garrett
will be present - they wouldn't leave you
with just me !

February 23LAASSan Pedro8-hr. Beginner or Year-lister
Black-vented Shearwater & Alcids
May 4LAASM.d.Rey12-hr. Out to sea
spring migrants
June 8LAASVentura11-hr. Sta. Cruz Island
Island Jay
August 3LAASSan Pedro20-hr. "Tropicbird Trip"
Long, but good
September 7LAASOxnard12-hr. outside Channel Islands
October 12LAASM.d.Rey12-hr. out to sea
October 26LAASSan Pedro12-hr. L.A. County waters
November 9LAASVentura9-hr. Drop campers at Cruz
then S. of Miguel

To sign up for these trips, or to find out costs, etc.,
please contact the sponsors. Donít shoot me, Iím just
a LOWLY volunteer leader, not the organizer!
Tell Ďem Mitch sent you! :)

There will be some deepwater trips scheduled on
the new high speed catamaran, the Condor Express,
probably for a Laysan and Alcid trip, and
a Spring trip for Cook's and Murphy's.

Dates are as follows:

All trips from 4-5 a.m. to 8-10 p.m.

April 27
May 25
August 24
September 28
November 30

Condor Express Information & Sign-up Page


Condor Cruises
Captain Mat Curto: (805) 693-1138
Captain Ron Hart e-mail:

Los Angeles Audubon Society Website
Phone: (323) 876-0202
Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Mitch's email:

Last year on a dozen trips I led, I found/saw/directed
the boat to about 28 sps. of pelagics, down slightly
from the 32 species found in 2000. Still an excellent
assortment is always possible in SoCal....
This 2001 total included both Albatrosses, five species
of Shearwaters, four sps. of Storm-Petrels, six sps.
of Alcids, THREE "Skua Slams"!, and Dark-rumped Petrel!

Soon we hope to have a graph up for you to see exactly
how many, what dates .... but the books are good
guides of when things are here most of the time.
Not all seabirds have seen a copy, however!
See the SoCal Seabird Abundance Calendar
for monthly approximate status.

These 2002 dates and destinations have been selected
to see all possible expected SoCal pelagic species
as well as maximizing the most important factor:
MEGA RARITY potential.

....would love to see you asea!

Your pelagic fanatic,
bird nerd
beak geek
feather freak

Sign up for the Condor Express!

Check out the SoCal Pelagic News!
2002 SoCal Pelagic News

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