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Photo Quiz Index

Here are some bird photos for you to peruse.
Each quiz has twelve photos to study, with the
answer link at the bottom of each quiz page.
Some might make you grab a book... that's OK!

The "quiz" is not a competition, and no one will
know how well you did, or what you thought it was.
It's just for fun when it's too cold, hot, icy,
snowy, wet or dark to go birding. Each quiz has
difficulty factors ranging from "no brainers" to
"how good are you?"

The 1st 10 quiz pages average 400-750 kb (all 12
photos), so if you're not on DSL, at 56K, it will
take up to 2 minutes to download. Quizzes 10-15
are less than 200kb for the whole quiz. so will
download quickly regardless of your system.
One day I'll fix the first 10 quizzes...
Don't ruin the fun for yourself by watching
the file name box as they download for you! :)
By the time the music starts, the pictures should
be loaded. Turn the music off if you don't like it.
Try all ten, if you dare!

I'm no great photographer, just a point and shoot
from the hip kind of guy.... I try to capture
birds as we see them, bad light, obscured, etc.
No flash or nest shots here.... But I think much
can be gained from studying the images...

Coming from a time when only one field guide was available
with only one image to put in your head about a bird,
I believe the more pictures you have of it
in your mind, the better you'll be able to ID it.
Hopefully some of these images will help others
learn, or fix a mark in their mind's-eye, or maybe just
appreciate and enjoy the inspiration of their beauty!

Quiz #1

Quiz #2

Quiz #3

Quiz #4

Quiz #5

Quiz #6

Quiz #7

Quiz #8

Quiz #9

Quiz #10

Quiz #11

Quiz #12

Quiz #13

Quiz #14

Quiz #15


(Mitch's Brain)

All photos © Mitch Heindel 2001