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Mitch's Boat Trip Pack List

This list is combined from many lists used over a decade
of going asea. Sometimes for sailing with a friend, or
as a passenger, often as a bird-trip leader, sometimes
as a trip organizer, and for long-term into international
waters. Not all items therefore would be appropriate on
for instance an organized bird trip. Weapons and whiskey,
for example would be improper in most circles. However,
very real concerns if travelling long duration and distance
into foreign waters. For instance some high grade alcohol
may come in handy in the event of the need to sterilize a cut,
or a Short-tailed Albatross. I haven't personally used every
single item on the list. The first 15 items on the list I
have tried to organize into level of importance to me.

These are the things I would not want to go to sea without:

___ Binocs - these are all you really need

___ Camera/batteries/film - for the inevitible unbelievable

___ Lens cloth, tissue, fluid - spray will become a problem

___ Rain Suit - if it's wet, this will save your day

___ Thermals - if it's cold these will save your day

___ Outer Jacket - it's rarely t-shirt weather out there

___ Sunglasses - must have due to glare

___ Pens/pencils - must take notes - every bird & latilongs

___ Pocket Field Notebook - easier on paper

___ Field Guides - need these; better have pictures

___ Toothbrush/picks/paste - if you plan on eating

___ Sunscreen - you burn twice as fast on the water

___ Hat or two - chance for political or fashion statement

___ Water/Juices - boat water invariably sucks

___ Seasick Medication - dramamine, marazene, patch

___ Food/Snacks - fruit bars ... keep stomach full

___ Saltines & Ritz - good to munch on

___ Gum/Lozenges/Mints - gets very dry out there

___ Medications? - any prescriptions?

___ Galoshes - if wearing wet suit, need these

___ Chapstick - very dry over saltwater

___ Swiss Army Knife - don't leave home without it

___ Charts - always some onboard, I prefer my own

___ Compass - when going on friend's boats

___ Ski Cap & Gloves - if it's cold

___ Clock or Watch - alarm for overnighters

___ Sleeping Bag - good to lay on for warmth

___ Sm. Flashlight - for overnighters to search your bags

___ Extra Socks - first washover you'll wish you had these

___ GPS Unit - latilongs always available on board

___ Weather Radio - I like to listen for a few days in advance

___ FRS Radios - best for getting word around quickly

___ Ear Plugs - if you're sleeping near the engine room

___ Wristbands - can help motion problems

___ Pantyliners - not personally field-tested

___ Knee Brace - for rough seas, long workouts

___ Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey - Sterilization of Albatross

___ Tobacco, Pipe, Lighters, Cigarettes - do it @ stern only

___ Fishin' Gear (irons & feathers) - most boats armed to teeth

___ Wasabi & Soy - most boats have soy, but not wasabi

___ Weapons & Ammo - certain waters require for safety

___ Blue Binder (pelagics) - ID articles, Co Lines, etc.

___ Clipboard, Manifest, Bunk Assignments - if organizer

Chum Kit:

___ TrashCan/Liners or 5 Gal. Bucket

___ Cutting Board/Knives

___ Squid/Anchovies

___ Popcorn

___ Cod Liver Oil

___ Aquarium Fish Nets

___ Rags & Towels

___ Rubber Gloves

Please feel free to download, print,
or make paper airplanes out of this list.

© Mitch Heindel 2001