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Famous People

Leo Szilard
He lived from 1898 to 1964. Born in Hungary, he was a nuclear physicist and biophysicist. He developed the first self-sustained nuclear reactor based on uranium fission. One of the first to realize that nuclear chain reactions could be used in bombs, and instrumental in urging the U.S. government to create the first atomic bomb, he later actively opposed nuclear warfare.
Richard Phillips Feynman
Lived from 1918-88, He was an American physicist. He shared (1965) the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on quantum electrodynamics. Feynman also explained, with Murray gell-mann, the weak interaction. Weak interaction is a force that is associated with radioactivity and particle decay and is mediated, or carried, by the W AND Z PARTICLES. The weak interaction is one of four fundamental forces of nature; the others are gracitation, electromagnetism, and strong interaction. He worked on the early development of the atomic bomb and developed the Feynman diagram, a system of notation used to describe and calculate subatomic reactions.
Lev Davidovich Landeu
Born from 1908-68, he was a Soviet physicist. He was head of the theoretical department of the USSR Academy of Sciences. A leader in Soviet space technology, he helped make the first Soviet atomic bomb. For his contributions to low-temperature physics, especially his development of a theory of superfluidity, and his pioneering studies on gases, he received the 1962 Nobel Prize in physics.
Glenn Theodore Seaborg
Born in 1912, he was a American chemist. Professor and later chancellor at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, he worked at the Univ. of Chicago during World War II on the development of the atomic bomb and later was chairman (1961-71) of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. He shared with Edwin M. McMillan the 1951 Nobel Prize in chemistry for work on transuranium elements. Seaborg is codiscoverer of the elements plutonium, americium, curium, berkelium, californium, einsteinium, fermium, mendelevium, and nobelium.
There are many more people but too many to mention.
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