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Nekked Pygmy Chicks!! Smaller is better...

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Once upon a time, there were people. While many of them have evolved into those pale, skeleton-like honkies you see on all the magazines, it's good to know that deep in the bowels of the still undisturbed tropical rainforests live the happy little naked folk we like to call "Pygmies." Short and teeming with energy, these little folks have dominated the lesser parts of Africa, Central and South America, and Australia for the last 4 million years. Bet you didn't know that!! See, this site IS edumacational. But you didn't REALLY come here for a "learning" experience, did you?? PERVERT!! Well, seeing as how we've already served our purpose in teaching you a little something new, I guess we here at Nekked Pygmy Chicks feel comfortable in proceeding with the presentation of our vast, extensive, and otherwise huge archives of naked pygmy chick photos. On to the photos!!

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