Warriors Cover
"You can see that this cover gives reference to many 80's SciFi movies, probably to confuse customers. Dune, Clash of the Titans, Blade Runner, and Star Wars. "

What is "Warriors of the Wind"? Many say that it is one of the worst dubs in anime history. It is the Americanized version of Nausicaa released by New World Pictures. The movie was heavily edited and had plot changes.

Below is a list of name changes. At the time of recording, the voice actors had never seen the movie and knew nothing of the plot, leaving us with a very unemotional and unconvincing performance.

Character Name Changes

Princess Zandra- Nausicaa (voiced by Rocky the Squirrel)

Celina- Kushana

Milo- Azbel

The General- Kurotawa

Axel- a Castle Uncle( Mito, Goll, Gikkuri, Niga, Muzu)

Giant Gorgon- Ohmu(Giant Bug)

 UK Warriors Cover
"UK cover for Warriors of the Wind hmmm...not quite as scary as the pic above, it also looks more true to the movie then the US version"

Scences Cut Out

Coming Soon

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