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U.S. Army Field Artillery Biography Page

Redlegs! Attention to Orders: Selected American Artillerymen's Biographies:

34thFA/9th Infantry was General Westmoreland's first combat command. General William C. Westmoreland

Born, South Carolina 3-26-1914; West Point Class of 1936 [Cadet First Captain]; 18th Artillery, Ft. Sill 1936-39; 8th Field Artillery, Hawaii; 34th Artillery: S-3 Operations Officer; Battalion Commanding Officer, North Africa (Tunisia) & Sicily 1942-3 [often scouted ahead of his guns & twice escaped injury when his jeeps were hit]; 1944-45, 9th Infantry DivArty XO & Division Chief of Staff, led advance force that secured Remagen Bridgehead; Commanded 187th Airborne Infantry Reg. Combat Team during the Korean War; Commanding General, 101st Airborne Division; MBA, Harvard; Superintendent, West Point; MAC-V Commanding General 1964-68; Army Chief of Staff 1968-72; retired 1972; CBS Libel Trial; Led Vietnam Memorial March. 34thFA/9th Infantry was General Westmoreland's first combat command.

"War is fear cloaked in courage."
Memoirs: "A Soldier Reports", (Westmoreland,1980, Dell Paperbacks).
"Riding to Battle: Reminiscence of 1941-43". (Westmoreland, William C., Army, Apr 1993,pp. 43-44).
Samuel Zaffiri,"Westmoreland: A Biography of General William C. Westmoreland",(1995, ISBN 0688143458,
"The Eagle Scout"; US News and World Report (Special Report) March 16, 1998.
Online biography: USAHeroesat []

34th Field Artillery Battalion, Divarty 9th Infantry 1941-45:

CPT Ed "Eastport Ed" Carpenter: FAO team commanding officer; later promoted to colonel; "A good captain and well respected by the team."[Kenneth Fritts]

34thFA/9th Infantry was General Westmoreland's first combat command. Kenneth Fritts: C/34th FA; gun mechanic 1941-42; Forward Artillery Observer 1942-45; Erie, PA; Basic training, Ft. Bragg 1941; North Africa (Presidential Unit Citation, Thala,Tunisia); Sicily; Anzio [3 days]; Britain; France [Greenbeach, Omaha Beach, predawn D-Day ahead of the infantry, as a naval gunfire observation team]-Normandy, St. Lo Breakout, Huertgen Forrest, Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge, Elbe River.]Wounded by mortar round. Retired tool and die maker, Erie, PA. For full oral history see 9th Infantry Recollections on Kenneth Fritts by William J. Welch. City Editor, Erie, PA Morning News.

Matt Geiger: C/34th FA, FAO Team, 9th Infantry Division; Killed in Action by Vichy French Forces, first day of landings, North Africa, November 1942. Former quarterback, Erie, Pennsylvania "Blue Streaks";entered service at Ft. Indiantown Cap, PA, basic training and AIT, Ft. Bragg, N.C.

CPT Gobele: replaced Captain Carpenter as FAO team leader.

Father Edward Connors: Chaplain; Worcester, MA; organized reunions after the war in the basement of The Immaculate Conception Church, "Connors Coffee Shop", established a 9th Division Memorial at the Church circa 1966; frontline duty encouraging the artillerymen of the 34th & 24th FA. [Thanks to Tom Quinn for the information]

Jack Rowe: 34th FA, FAO team through April 1945; North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Central Europe, Ardennes, Rhineland; "went to California to become an artist."[Kenneth Fritts]

2LT _Slater, FO in the 34th FA during WW2 in the Huertgen and Elsenborn Ridge and in the Rhine River campaigns. Gen Westmoreland was his 9th Div Arty Commander. His son, Giff Slater USAFA veteran 1979-87, Ft. Sill in 4th Bn, 4th FA, in 2nd ID in 6th Bn, 37th FA, in Ft. Benning Ga with the 2nd Bn, 10th FA. Instructor in the USAFAS Weapons Dept and Service Battery Commander in the 1/10 FA, 197th Mech Inf Bde.

LTC William C. Westmoreland: 34th FA S-3, CO; retired Army Chief of Staff.

1st Battalion, 34th Field Artillery

Jerry De Santis: 1/34 FA 9th Infantry Division, West Germany, June 1958-June 1960. Joined the 34th at Fort Carson Co. and as a unit went to Munich, Germany as part of the 24th Infantry Division. In August 1960, the 11th FA was again recreated by splitting half of the personnel out from the 34th FA. The 1/34th consisted of the following: HHB, Service Battery, A Battery 105 mm, B Battery 155 mm towed, C Battery 8 inch howitzer towed, D Battery Honest John Rockets. e-mail

Norman R. Jones: B Btry 34th Artillery 1962-1964 at Merrell Barracks Nurnberg, Germany. {Do you have or you in contact with troops in that era?} email

LTC Bob Tagge (ret): 1/34th FA, Germany, 1958-61. "I had the very best Chief of Firing Battery, and Gun Section Chiefs ever. A truly great unit that I shall long remember." Went to the 11th FA in Germany. 1/77th FA. Battery Commander, B/1/77 FA,1965-66. Vietnam Service. Rippon College,Wisconsin,'55. . email . He reports that according to the Romans, "The color red is the mark of a warrior."

Thumbnails of 2nd Bn 34th FA Personnel:

Anderson, Michael D.: 2nd Battalion, 34th Field Artillery email National Guard.124th Transportation Battalion 1988-90.

Ansley, Mark N.: 299th EngineerBattalion 1981-1983; 2nd Battalion, 34th Field Artillery 1977-1978; 2nd Battalion, 60th Air Defense Artillery 1975-1977; 42d Field Hospital 1980-1981.

Ashbrook, S.D.: 2/34th FA 1974-75; 31st FA, 41st FA 1975-77; active duty currently:13th Aviation Regt.

LTC Delreed Bergeson, CO 2/34th FA, 1970-71. XO, 212th FA Group, 1969-70; RVN Service.

Ted Brogden: 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery 1985-88; 2nd Battalion, 34th Field Artillery 1976-1978; 3rd Battalion, 37th Field Artillery 1980-82; 3rd Battalion, 5th Field Artillery 1988-90.

SFC Cagle: 2/34th FA 1970, Ft. Lewis.

Gilmore, Michael C.: A/2/34FA 1972-74; BCT @ Ft. Knox, KY C Co. 18th Bn 5th Training Bde July 1972 to October 1972. A Btry 2nd Bn 34th FA (194th Armored Bde) Ft. Knox, KY as 13B10 via OJT October 1972 to July 1974. C Btry 1st Bn 94th FA (1st Armored DivArty) Special Weapons Section, Fuerth,Germany (William O. Darby Kaserne) August 1974 to July 1975. US Army Reserve 1976-1977, 209th Supply Company (123rd ARCOM) in Lafayette, IN.

Knox, Gerald: active duty 1967-74; 2/34 FA 1972-74; A Btry, 2d Bn, 9th Arty 3d Bde 25th Inf Div 1967;1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery.

Long, Michael M. 2/34 FA 1967-68.

McDuffie, Brian R.: current National Guard, 1st/160th FA; 2/34th FA 1986-88. 3/82nd FA.

CPT James T. Mackey: Commanding Officer, C Battery 2/34th FA 1970-71, Ft. Lewis, WA; 2nd Cavalry Regt, West Germany; RVN & Laos (Firebase Brown, M108 105mm SP); OCS. FAOAC Ft. Sill, 1971.

Mayberry, Jeff L. 2/34th FA;1975-79.

go to armybio webpage for photo Major General Michael Maples: AXO,XO C Btry 2/34th FA, Ft.Lewis, Ft. Knox; ROK; Desert Storm; NATO Bosnia; Current <3/2002> Commanding General, Fort Sill; Formerly Brigadier General, Deputy Commanding General (Support) First Armored Division, Germany.West Point 1971. Texas.Army biography

1LT Bruce Peterson, A Battery, 2nd Bn 34th FA, 212th FA Group [REFORGER], VII Corps, Ft. Lewis, WA August 1970-72; FAOBC May 1970, Fort Sill; ROTC USAR, Washington State University; Whidbey Island, WA.

SFC Jesse W. Price: Chief of Firing Battery ("Smoke"),C/2/34FA,1971-72; Bronze Star, RVN; Port Arthur, Texas.

1LT John P. Sargent Jr.: AXO, XO, Acting Battery Commander; C/2nd Bn 34th FA, (M109 155mm SP), 1970-72; UCSB ROTC; Department Chair (Social Science), Golden West High School, Visalia, CA. email

MSGT Raymond Smith: First Sergeant, C Battery, 2/34th FA 1970-71. RVN service;

Wetherholt, Matthew W. 2nd Battalion, 34th Field Artillery: 1987 To: 1988 ;2nd Battalion, 39th Field Artillery: 1988 To: 1989; 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery (Airborne): 1987 To: 1987;6th Battalion, 41st Field Artillery: 1975 To: 1990.

1LT Robert Woodward: XO,C Battery, AS-3(Special Weapons) 2/34th FA 1970-72; ROK 1972-73; San Jose State; OCS.

CPT Bobby J Woolley: Battery Commander, C/2/34th FA, Ft. Lewis, 1971-72; 101st Airborne: Dominican Republic 1965, RVN(2 tours); Abn; Master Aviator (IP & FAA Examiner); Texas A&M.

3rd Bn/34th Artillery (9th Infantry)3/34th FA, 9th Infantry Division, Mekong Delta Riverine, RVN. Biographies

Jim Adkisson: email Oregon City, Oregon. Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 34 Artillery, a 105 Battery on Barges out of Dong Tam in the Delta with a combined Army and Navy, Mobile Riverine Force, known as the "River Raiders".

John A. Burvis: AXO/XO with B Btry 3/34th Arty from Nov 67 to May 1968. Attached to B CO 3/60th as FO from May to Nov of 68. North Olmsted, Ohio; email

34thFA Robert Cirak

34thFA James R. Eicker

Frank Engert

Robert "Hotwire" Fuentes: C Battery,3/34, RVN. email

Barry George: B/3/34FA; FO E/4/47th Inf/9th Infantry, RVN; email

Joe Hastings: C Btry; FO 3/60th Infantry; email

Ronald O. Hildreth: C Btry,3/34th FA; FO B/4/47th Infantry, 9th Inf Division; RVN; email

James W. Long

Michael R Morgan: A Battery, 3rd Bn/34th FA, 9th Inf Division; RVN; He went with the Division by ship to Vietnam; left in 1967; would like to resume contact with A Battery. email

James R. Morton: email Served with Battery C, 3rd Battalion 34th Artillery from Jan 1968, thru Dec 1968. Area of operations was the Mekong Delta from south of Saigon to the southern tip of the delta.

Thomas Ortiz

George H Presby Jr: HHB, 3/34th FA; RVN; email.

Earl Sawvel: email From: Dubuque,Iowa 1/11 and 3/34 Artillery 1966-67; 105mm howitzers on barges: Riverine Force.

Doug Schneider

Michael "Mike" Stine: HHB, 3/34; RVN; email.

John Tissler: email HHB 3/34th Arty, assigned as FO to A/4th/47th Infantry. Albuquerque, New Mexico

The 212th FA Group becomes the 212th FA Brigade, Third Armored Corps with service in the Gulf War.

212th FA Group, VII Corps & 212th FA Bde (III Armor Corps)

MSGT Jim Beard: US Army Field Artillery,(Ret. 8/1/81); HHB, 212th FA Group; Germany to Fort Lewis; Vietnam [7/15th FA 8"/175mm, Central Highlands, 1970-71]; Sr.Adviser NCNG/USAR; ... email

Colonel Koenig: CO, 212th FA Group, Ft. Lewis, WA 1970-

Mark Stouffer: 2/37th FA, 212th FA, from 73-75. Also a launcher chief in A Btry,1/158 FA Bn(MLRS). We were the first national guard battalian to field the MLRS. Email

*****212th FA Brigade*******

Carter, Phillip E.: 212th Field Artillery Brigade 1990-1993 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 1976-1979; 17th Field Artillery Brigade 1983-1985; 1st Battalion, 36th Field Artillery 1983-1985; 24th USAFAD From: 1981-1983; 2nd Battalion, 31st Field Artillery1976-1979; 59th Ordnance Group 1980-1983; 6th Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery 1990 To: 1992; Retired Military

LTC Hogan: Executive Officer, 212th FA BDE, Ft. Sill, 3rd Armored Corps Artillery. [current 4/20/2000] email

Kirby, Rob L.: 212th FA Bde 1990-91; B/4/3rd FA Garlstedt, Germany 1988-90; Desert Storm 2/18th FA; S/SGT National Guard.

Go To CSM Talley's Army BiographyCSM Marty R. Talley: Command Sergeant Major, 212th Field Artillery Brigade. Born in Salem, IL. He enlisted in the Army on June 19, 1973 and attended Basic Combat Training at Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. and Advanced Individual Training as a Cannon Crewman at Ft. Sill, Ok. two tours in Germany with the 1st Bn 76th FA in Kitzgen (1975-1977) and the 4th Bn 7th FA and the 5th Bn 3rd FA in Giessen (1990-1992). One tour in the 25th Inf Div with 2nd Bn 11th FA (1982-1985). Army Biography[current 4/21/2000]

Swayne, Nick D.: 212th FA Bde, 1990-92; currently active duty 4th Infantry Division [2000].

Colonel Colen K. Willis: 212th Field Artillery Brigade Commander, Ft.Sill, OK, 3rd Armored Corps; West Point,1974.Click Here[updated 4/15/2000]

More Artillery Biographies Sargent's Who's Who

Brevet Major General Robert Anderson: 1805-71; USMA 1825, Artillery; Blackhawk, Seminole & Mexican Wars; Commanding Officer, Ft. Sumter, SC April 1861.

Maj. Gen. Clift Andrus: 11 Dec 44-17 Mar 45 Commanding General, First Infantry Division; 1st Infantry DivArtillery Commander 5 Nov 43; Big Red One; North Africa, Normandy, ETO; WW2.

John F. P. Angel:_ email_ 1st Battalion, 76th FA (8 inch), Kitzingen, Germany, 1976-1979. Alabama, 02/06/2002.

CSM Robert T. Ashe: 75th FA Bde, 3rd Armor Corps Artillery, Ft. Sill. Enlisted, Norfolk, VA, October 1977. 4 tours Germany. [Updated May 2000]

Bentley, Christopher F. Lieutenant Colonel,published in the FA Journal, September 1, 2002.

Maj. Gen. Harold W. Blakeley: Field Artillery Commander, 28 Jan 44;Commanding General, 4th Infantry Division, 27 December 1944-March 15, 1944; D-Day, Normandy, Utah Beach.

click for Dennis Blalock's webpage Dennis Blalock: C Btry 2/4th FA 9th Inf Div, RVN, Jan 1967-Jan. 1968. [May 1967, B btry 1st Bn 83rd Arty II Field Forces(8 in / 175mm SP). Howitzer Btry 1st Sqdn/6th ACR at Fort Geroge Meade Md.(155 mm SP),Jan-May 16, 1968. Today: BellSouth, Flowery Branch, Georgia. email

General Tasker Howard Bliss: 1853-1930; West Point 1875; 2LT, 1st Artillery; Adjutant, US Army Artillery School; Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico; Army Chief of Staff 1917-18 WWI.

General Napoleon Bonaparte: French Emperor; French Artillery Officer; Miscalculations Russia 1812; severe career setback, Waterloo. "Leave the Artillerymen alone, for they are an obstinate lot."Strong advocate for using grape shot for crowd control.

Col Jim Boozer, former BnCO, 1-77th FA, will soon finish his Army War College assignment and will report as Deputy Commander, IIIrd Armored Corps Artillery, Fort Sill, OK.[2001]

Bob 'Doc' Bosma: 77th Artillery Association
. email .

Colonel Guy M. Bourn: United States Military Academy 1974; Assumed command of IIId Armored Corps Artillery in March 2000. ClickArmy Photo-Biography

General Braxton Bragg: USMA; Captain, Light Horse Artillery(six pounders),Battle of Monterey, Sept.20, 1846 direct fire in street fighting; Battle of Buena Vista, February 22,1847, Mexican War; American Cival War.

Lt. Col. John F. Brownlow Jr.: 1913-1973; WW2: CO 242nd FA Bn, 3rd & 7th Armies; attached to 101st Abn & 103rd Inf Divisions. 242FA Homepage

Mrs. Margaret Cochran Corbin: fought alongside her husband in the American Revolutionary War and was the first woman to receive pension from the United States government as a disabled soldier. Acted as assistant gunner, then gunner when her husband was killed at Ft. Washington November 1776. She was severely wounded by grapeshot. biography

Lt. Fred Chesebrough: Battery B, 2nd of the 4th FA, 9th Infantry Division. Killed in action in the Mekong Delta, March 16, 1967.

SGT N.F. Cole: 328th FA, 85th Infantry Division [Custermen], Northern Italy, WW2. email his son, Steve Cole. 328th webpage

Colonel Glenn C. Collins: Commanded 1/29th FA before deactivation when the 4th Infantry Div moved from Ft. Carson to Ft. Hood. [Updated 3/18/2000: Carlisle Barracks,email

Lieutenant Colonel James L. Davis CO, 6/27 FA Bn, Fort Sill, OK 1999. 6/27th webpage
Link to Biography on Sargent's 27th FA page.

Brigadier General Robert L. Decker: born at Fort Bliss, Texas graduated from North Georgia College in 1973;Second Lieutenant Field Artillery. 2nd Battalion 321st Field Artillery, 82d Airborne Division. 1980, he assumed command of A Battery, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery in the Republic of Korea. From 1981 to 1985, he served in the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) as an Organizational Effectiveness Staff Officer and as the Battalion S-3, 2d Battalion, 35th Field Artillery. From 1986-1989, he served in Europe with VII Corps in Stuttgart, Germany. . In July, 1991, commanded of the 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery. From 1994 to 1995, he served as the Deputy Commanding Officer, III Corps Artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In July, 1995, assumed command of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne), XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. July, 1997, he was assigned to Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, Director of Personnel, J1 and Special Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief. 2001 Assistant Commanding General, Support, First Armor Division, Germany. . . For 2002 DoD Photograph Click Here:

c.Tommy Dorris, used with permissionSGT Tommy Dorris: Went over with the 9th Div. from Ft. Riley landed in Vietnam Jan.1,1966. Was a F.O for 1st Bn, 11th Artillery, working with 3rd/39th Inf. Returned to RVN with the 5th Infantry Div. from Ft. Carson 1968, as an FO for the 5th Bn. 4th Arty. Base Camp was C-2 upon the DMZ as artillery FO with the Red Devils 61st Infantry. Wounded 1969; training NCO Ft.Leonard Wood, MO 1970. email . . .webpage. . .

Brigadier General John Doughty: 1754-1826; Artillery Captain, New Jersey Militia 1776; captain Continental Army Artillery 1777; Brigade Major of the Artillery Corps 1779; Yorktown 1781; Senior Officer, US Army 1783-89; Brigadier General NJ Militia 2nd Division 1793;LTC 2nd Regiment of Artillery 1798.

Carl Dunn: E-Mail: Germany Dec 1949 to Aug 1954 in Hq Btry 517th AFA Bn (US Constabulary)and Hq Btry 597th AFA Bn. Chief FDC and Bn Operations Sgt in 597th, where Lt. Calvin C. Rogers (later MOH winner and Maj Gen) was a Battery officer. Served in the Iowa National Guard Field Artillery 1954 to 1968. [current data 2/6/2002]

GEORGE ELLIS: OP SGT. FDC, Charlie btry 780 FAO; battery of 4, 8 inch howitzers in a valley n. e. of punchbowl on a topo map cord were 3066 4099. FLORENCE AL. February 2002.

Marvin Fitzwater: Illinois, Vietnam from April 1968 - April 1969 Batery C, 1st Bn, 27th Artillery. email E-Mail:

Richard Formica, Brigadier General, CG THE 3RD CORPS ARTILLERY. Fort Sill is home of the 3rd Corps Artillery, which currently has some 3,000 soldiers serving in Iraq. 11/2003.

Brigadier General Theodore L. Futch: Born January 19, 1895; West Point 1917, 2LT Field Artillery. France, World War I. Served with 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 13th and 18th Field Artillery Regiments; Professor of Military Science, Iowa State and Auburn; instructor Field Artillery School. World War II, Assistant Commandant of the Field Artillery School; Field Artillery Officer of the XVIII Corps; & 35th Infantry Division. Combat in France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Commanding General of the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation. Retired in 1954. after 37 years of active service. Commandant of Cadets at Lyman Ward Military Academy in Camp Hill, Alabama from 1959 through 1967. He died on January 18, 1992 and was buried on January 27, 1992 in Section 6 of Arlington National Cemetery. CLICK

thanks to L.Z.Starlight for pictures-Click for bigger one SP4 Jim Gilbert: C Btry/5th/16th FA (155mm M109), 4th Infantry Division, Pleiku,Central Highlands, RVN 1966. Basic at Ft. Lewis, A/6/29th, 1965. Born Again Christian Ministry and Veteran's Outreach. FA Webring. L.Z. Starlightwebpage.

Paul Hale : E-Mail Kenton, Ohio; A Btry 6th Bn,29th Arty, 4th Infantry, Vietnam 1968-1969.Wounded 26th March,1969,Dak To, Kontum, Pleiku. Bronze Star with V, Purple Heart.

Colonel David R. Hampton Jr: Commanding Officer, 75th Field Artillery Brigade, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. [July 2000] Two MLRS and one 155mm Paladin Batallions. Citadel graduate 1978. Artillery assignments have included III Corps Artillery, 2/2nd FA, 214th FA Bde, 1st/12th (Lance), 1st Armor Divarty, 1/94th FA, Berlin Bde, 75th FA Bde.

Herb Harvey: West Virginia; A Btry. 3rd. Bn. 6th. Fld. Arty. Big Red One..RVN/Ft. Riley; E-Mail.

General Lewis B. Hershey: 1893-77; National Guard, France WWI; Captain, US Field Artillery 1920; director Selective Service, 1941-70. US Field Artillery Association Director, 1943.

Brig. Gen. John H. Hinds: 14 Nov 44, Divarty Commander, 2nd Infantry Division; France, ETO, WW2.

CPT Karl O. Holliday: Battery Commander, HQ Battery, 561st Field Artillery Battalion. Killed in Action 13 April, 1945, near Klotz, Germany, ambush of advance party...Photo & Memorial

MSG Jimmie Holloway: 15th FA Bn, Korea. DSC ,(posthumous).

General Henry Hunt: Union Army of the Potomoc Chief of Artillery; massed 340 guns at Malvern Hill, July1, 1862 resulting in 5,000 Confederate casaulties. Established standard procedures and basic loads for his 370 guns at Gettysburg.

Brigadier General S. Leroy Irwin: 9th Infantry Division Artillery Commanding General, WW2 North Africa, Sicily. "Redhaired" Redleg!

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson: 1824-63; West Point 1846, Artillery; Mexican War; VMI Professor; Confederate General; his 175 field guns provided victory at 2nd Bull Run; killed at Chancellorville, 1863.

Colonel Theodore J. Janosko,Commander, 30th Field Artillery Regiment(Fort Sill Training Command), a Distinguished Military Graduate of The Ohio State University, began active duty in 1975.[current Photo 4/2000]

Mike King: 2nd Bn/4th Field Artillery, 9th Infantry Division, Mekong Delta, RVN. killed in action, March 16, 1967. "The 2 / 4 FA had the dubious distinction of leading the 9th Division Artillery in casualties." [Tom Stiegler, 2/4 FA]

Major General Henry Knox: 1750-1806; First Chief of the US Field Artillery, 17 November 1775; Revolutionary War hero; Colonel, Continental Army Artillery; transported captured British cannon from Ft. Ticonderoga; Brigadier General after Battle of Trenton; youngest major general in the Continental Army; 1783-84 Senior Army Officer; First Secretary of War.

General Lyman Lemnitzer: 1899-1988; West Point 1920 Artillery; Coast Artillery, Philippines 1921-26; WW2 70th & 38th Coast Artillery (AA); Army Chief of Staff 1960-62.

NUTS! Major General Anthony C. McAuliffe: 15 Sep 43 Brig. Gen., 101st Airborne Division ("Screaming Eageles")Divarty Commanding General; Deputy Commanding General 101st Abn; 5 Dec 44-27 Dec44 Commanding General 101 Abn. Told the German General "Nuts" when asked to surrender at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

Mrs. Mary Hays McCauly (better known as Molly Pitcher): American Revolution; at Valley Forge with her husband, William Hays. She became legendary at the battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778. Supplied water to the soldiers; took her wounded husband's place at his gun. Commissioned as a sergeant, by George Washington. biography

General Peyton C. March: 1864-1955; USMA 1888, 2LT 3rd Artillery; 5th Artillery 1894; Artillery School, Ft. Monroe; Captain, Astor Battery, Spanish-American War; ADC LT General Arthur MacArthur 1899; CO 19th Battery FA, Ft.Riley 1900-03; Artillery Board; 1st/6th Field Artillery CO 1907-11; Commanding Officer, 8th Field Artillery Regiment, Mexican Boarder 1916-17; CO 1st FA Brigade,1st Infantry, AEF 1917; CO First Army Artillery; Chief of Staff 1918-21.

Gerald L. Newton, RA18563708, C Battery, 2nd Howitzer Bn, 14th Artillery, 4th Armored Division. Montieth Barracks, outside of Nuremburg, Germany 1958-59. M-52 105mm SP. Loader and FO. Basic and AIT Fort Hood, Texas, 1958. Email Lehn Newton

CPT John Pelham: CSA artillery: delayed 2 Union divisions for over an hour at a river crossing near Fredericksburg with only one cannon section.

William R. Perez: 84th FA Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, West Germany,

Lieutenant General Daniel J. Petrosky: Chief of Staff, Headquarters, United States European Command, Stuttgart, Germany. 3 November 2000...currently still in command 01/29/2002. FA OCS 1967. RVN. artillery battery platoon leader and executive officer with the 2/42d Field Artillery, 197th Infantry before entering flight school. Vietnam tour,4/77th Aerial Rocket Artillery, 101st Airborne Division. Ft Campbell, Kentucky, he commanded C Battery, 3/319th Field Artillery and S-3, 4/77th Aerial Field Artillery. Commanded 4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division through Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. DCG 101st Abn Div. CG 8th Army, Korea. Master Aviator. For Photo/Bio Link Here

Steven Pierce (sgt) C battery 7/17 Arty 2nd Inf Div, Korea 1968-69; 13B10m 13B40, FO and IMJIN SCOUT.

Lt.Col. Phillip H. Pope: CO, 212 Armored FA Bn, 6th Armored Div, 3rd Army; Seattle, Wash. Silver Star. Battle of the Bulge.

General Dennis Joe Reimer: born 1939, Oklahoma; USMA 1962; Field Artillery Officer Orientation Course, Ft.Sill 1962; Battery AXO, XO, 20th Field Artillery/5th Infantry (mechanized) 1963--64; Bn Advisor, MAC-V, 1964-65; FA Officer Advanced Course 1965-66; XO, S-3 2/4th FA 9th Infantry Division RVN 1968-70; Instructor USAFA School; FA Branch Assignments Officer; ADC Chief of Staff, (Creighton Abrams); XO, S3 Divarty, 4th Infantry; CO 1/27th Artillery, 1976-78; deputy CO, V Corps Artillery; Commanding General III Corps Artillery; Army Chief of Staff June 1995.

Major Samuel Ringgold: Company C, 3rd Artillery; 1839, Light Horse Artillery Battery, six-pounders, individually mounted to follow cavalry. First "Flying Battery" giving mobility to provide firepower across the battlefield.

MSG Tom Roman, USA(ret.); C Battery, 5th Bn, 16th Field Artillery, 4th Infantry Division; Pleiku, RVN 1966.

Fred Roeming: 1st/77th FA. Classmate and fraternity brother of LTC Bob Tagge, will return to Wisconsin next month [June 2000] to attend their 45th graduation class reunion.

click for Army biography/pictureMG John J. Ryneska: Deputy Commanding General, 18th Airborne Corps, Ft. Bragg,{current 4/20/2000}. United States Military Academy 1968, second lieutenant Field Artillery. 1970, Captain Ryneska was sent to Vietnam and served as a Battalion and Brigade Fire Support Officer with the 1st Cavalry Division. Captain Ryneska returned to the 82d Airborne Division, where he served as a Battalion Fire Direction Officer, Battalion Fire Support Officer, and Battery Commander in the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 320th Field Artillery. Battalion Commander, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 319th Field Artillery. 1990, Colonel Ryneska assumed command of the 7th Infantry Division (Light) Artillery at Fort Ord. July 1994, Brigadier General Ryneska assumed command of the XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery at Fort Bragg. He deployed to Haiti for Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY where he served as Deputy Commander, JTF 190. Silver Star.

Rocky G. Samek, Lieutenant Colonel, published in the FA Journal, May 1, 2003.

PVT P.A. Sargent, died 1966, San Francisco, CA. Field Artillery, AEF 1917-18; WIA France 1918.

Colonel Schneider is the commander of the 212 Field Artillery Brigade 11/2003

LTGeneral John M. Schofield: 1831-1906; USMA 1853, Artillery; Captain, First Artillery, Missouri, 1861; Commanding General, US Army 1888-1895.

General John M. Shalikashvili: Field Artillery OCS grad 1959; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (ret.); FA OCS Hall of Fame, Ft. Sill.

Screaming Eagle Artillery Col. Thomas L. Sherburne: 5 Dec 44-27 Dec 44 101st Airborne Division's Artillery Commander, Battle of the Bulge.

General of the Army William Tecumseh Sherman: 1829-1891; West Point 1840, 2LT, Artillery; Seminole War 1841; Mexican War; Union General, Civil War; Commanding General US Army, 1869-1883.

Chuck Shunney: 21st FAB (155's) 5th Inf. Div. at Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg, West Germany in 1955. "Operation Gyroscope" distributed among battalions of 9th Div. Artillery. Ended up at Schwabach, O'Brien Barrack, 26th FAB (105's) and stayed there until late '56. " No army in the world can put iron down in the right place and as quickly as our artillery. I am so grateful to the men and women who have so gallantly served the greatest country in the world." Slaterville, RI February 2002

George W. Snow: E-Mail:; New Orleans, LA [2/2001]; RVN,1/5 FA BN as a FO with Bravo,1/28 Inf, and Divarty, 1st Inf Div May68-May69.

MG William J. Snow: Chief of the US Field Artillery, 1917. Snow Hall, USAFA School, Ft. Sill, OK. "There is no other branch of the service whose efficiency is so highly dependent upon its officers as is the field artillery."

CPT Tom Striegler: B Brty 2nd Bn/4th Artillery 9th Infantry Division; 7th Battalion, 8th Artillery (8" / 175mm), 54th Artillery Group, RVN; Airborne; Ft. Riley 1966 - Vietnam 1967-1970; Wounded in action; Korea 4th Missile Command; Instructor Ft. Sill; Texas A&M; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; currently retired in Frederickburg, TX. homepage email

MG Stricklin's Army homepage Major General Toney Stricklin: until 3/2000] was assigned as the Commanding General of the United States Army Field Artillery Center and Fort Sill. Upon completing Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, he was commissioned a second lieutenant of Field Artillery in May 1970. He has served in a variety of command and staff assignments in the United States, Germany, Korea, and Vietnam. CLICK

3rd Armor Corps photo--clickCommand Sergeant Major Lash L. Sturdivant, IIId Armored Corps Artillery, entered the Army in 1972 from Memphis, Tennessee. 1st Battalion, 75th Field Artillery in Bamberg Germany, 1974 was assigned to Alpha Battery, 4th/4th Field Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 1977, he was assigned to Bravo, 2nd/33rd Field Artillery in New-Ulm Germany. 1980, Fort Sill, Drill Sergeant. 1982, Chief of Firing Battery and First Sergeant, Charlie/2nd/41st Field Artillery in Bad Kissingen Germany. 1984, he returned to the United States and was assigned as a First Sergeant, Bravo 1st/21st Artillery, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. 1986, 1st SGT to B/1st/7th FA, 10th Mountain Division,Fort Drum. 75th Field Artillery Brigade, Fort Sill, Desert Shield/Desert Storm.6/29th, 2/29th, 1st Armor Divarty: Germany; 1/37thFA, Ft.Lewis; 1/8thFA/25Inf; 3rd Amored Corps CSM 12/98.

Mike Subritzky: Gunner, 161 Battery, 16 Fd Regt, RNZA 1971/1973 Royal New Zealand Artillery; retired captain; published poet, author and historian; Vietnam Veteran and Activist; awarded the American Vietnam Veterans (honourary) Distinguished Service Medal 1997. Polish Independent Brigade and Order of St. Stanislaus; Tannenberg Hall, 93 McNair Road, Te Awamutu 2400,NEW ZEALAND.

General Charles P. Summerall: 1867-1955; USMA 1892; transferred to the 5th Artillery March 1893; 5th Artillery in the Philippines Insurrection 1899-1900; China Relief Expedition 1900; 106th Coast Artillery 1901; 3rd Field Artillery Battery, Ft.Myer 1903-05; Sr. Artillery Tactics Instructor, USMA; National Guard Division Artillery Commander 1911; 67th Artillery Brigade Commander; Commanding Officer 1st Artillery Brigade, France 1917; V Corps Commander 1918; Chief of Staff 1926-31; President of the Citadel 1931-53.

General Maxwell Taylor: 1901-87; USMA, Engineers 1922; transferred 10th FA 1926; Ft.Sill Artillery School 1933; Commanded 12th FA Bn 1940-41; Commanded 82nd Abn Divarty, Sicily 1942-44; Commanded 101st Airborne Division on D-Day; Berlin Commander; 8th Army Korea commander 1953; Army Chief of Staff 1955-59; Chairman Joint Chiefs 1962-63; US Ambassador, Republic of Vietnam 1964-65.

Click for Combat Artist & Artilleryman LTC Frank Thomas LTC Frank Thomas: USAR(ret); Executive Officer of Battery A, 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery, 9th Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, Kansas, & Vietnam (1967). The only U.S. Army Combat Artist known to have served in two wars; Vietnam & Desert Storm combat veteran; well-known Western & wildlife artist & Teacher in Utah. His original painting of "NAUVOO FAREWELL" has been selected to hang permanently in the new Nauvoo Temple being constructed in Nauvoo, Illinois.

LTC Mark E. Tillman: Commander 1st Battalion, 77th Field Artillery(MLRS) 1/75th FA Link
Bartlesville, Oklahoma; USMA 1982; 82nd Abn Arty in Grenada; 319th FA; 40th FA; 2/20th FA; 3/320th FA, 101st Abn Division; Photograph July 1999

Ed Tilton: Battalion FDC Chief in a non-divisional direct support 105mm battalion. 2nd Bn/13th Arty at Phu Loi, RVN. Our C Btry. spent most of its time supporting 2nd Bde, 25th Infantry Div. Served on Operation Sunset Beach with them in the Boi Loi in 1966. Email

President Truman as a National Guard Artillery Officer CPT Harry S Truman: Battery D/129th Field Artillery/35th Division (75mm Horse Artillery)Meuse Argonne Combat 1918,AEF, WWI; Major, Missouri National Guard Artillery 1905-21; US Senator, Vice-President, President 1945-49. Independence, Missouri. Comprehensive Bio and unit history at this website: Photographs, click here

David Valcourt, Brig. Gen.director of strategy, plans and policy, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., is being assigned as commanding general, U.S. Army Field Artillery Center and Fort Sill, Fort Sill, Okla.Oct. 2003.

General Edward Vuono: b. 1934; USMA 1957, 2LT Field Artillery; Howitzer Battery, 3rd Armored Cavalry 1958-60; 82nd Artillery, 1st Cav Division, Korea 1960-1; XVIII ABN Corps Artillery; Exchange Officer, British 7th Royal Horse Artillery; Fire Supprot Chief, VII Corps Artillery; XO 1st/7th FA/ First Infantry Division, RVN 1966-67; XO 1st Air Cav Divarty; CO 1/7th Field Artillery, RVN, 1970-71; CO 82nd Abn Divarty 1975; Army Chief of Staff 1987-91. USA Field Artillery Association Board of Directors.

Brig. Gen. William E. Waters: 1st Infantry Division's Divarty Commander,14 Dec 44-21 Mar 45.

COL Thomas G. Waller, Jr. "GUNNER 6", currently director of the Gunnery Department, USAFA School, Ft. Sill. 1972 graduate of West Point; VII Corps, Desert Storm.Army Biography 03/2000

MG Roderick Wethergill: Commanding General Ft.Sill and Chief of the Field Artillery, 1970-73.

LTG Weyland in Vietnam 1968General Frederick C. Weyland: b. 1916; ROTC University of California 1938; 6th Artillery 1940-42; WW2 intelligence staff assignments; Commanding General 25th Infantry Divison, RVN 1966; Army Chief of Staff 1974-76.

Eddie Wood, Command Sergeant Major, 212th FA Bde, Ft. Sill, Nov.2003

BG John A. Yingling: ACG(Support), 2nd Infantry Division [April 2000]; Wake Forrest ROTC; 1975: 3/81st FA, ROK; XO A/3/6th FA 1st Infantry Div; Germany: C Btry 1st/76th FA; XO 1/11th FA, Divarty S-3, 9th Infantry Div, Ft. Lewis; CO 7/8th FA, 25th Inf Div. CO, Divarty, 3rd Infantry Division. Army Bio

SSG Stephen M. Zwickl ,formerly 6-27 FA MLRS at Fort Sill, OK. Currently attending Drill Sergeant School. Email or visit the

Artillery Medal of Honor Awards:

Korean War

Medal of Honor Artillery HeroFirst Lieutenant Lee R. Hartell: Battery A, 15th Field Artillery Battalion, 2d Infantry Division. KIA, Medal of Honor(posthumous), Near Kobangsan-ni, Korea, Aug. 27, 1951. He was attached to Company B, 9th Infantry Regiment, as forward observer. He continued to call-in fire on the Chinese Communists overrunning his position, right up to his death.

Click for Larger Picture of this artillery heroLieutenant Colonel John U. D. Page: U.S. Army, X Corps Artillery, Medal of Honor while attached to the 52d Transportation Truck Battalion. For gallantry near Chosin Reservoir, Korea, Nov. 29, to Dec. 10, 1950. He repeatedly refused opportunities to escape danger, rallying troops to maintain a defense, planned artillery fire, made air observations, fired machine guns and led a convoy through 10 continuous days of close combat during the escape from the Chinese at Chosin.


go to Hall of Heroes Homepage for large image SFC Webster Anderson: Chief of Section, Battery A, 2d Battalion, 320th Field Artillery, 101st Airborne Infantry Division (Airmobile). Tam Ky, Republic of Vietnam, 15 October 1967. Medal of Honor A Btry attacked by a determined North Vietnamese Army infantry unit supported by heavy mortar, recoilless rifle, rocket propelled grenade and automatic weapon fire. Anderson, with complete disregard for his personal safety, mounted the exposed parapet of his howitzer position and became the mainstay of the defense.

Col. H. Barnum (USMC); FO 1965 & Battery Commander 1968-69, Echo Battery, 2/12th Marines, RVN; Medal of Honor. 2/12 Marine Regiment Page

Thanks Hall of Heroes for Sammy Davis Photo Sergeant Sammy L. Davis: C Battery, 2nd Bn, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division; 18 November 1967, Cai Lay, RVN; MOH ; A reinforced Viet Cong battalion assaulted his isolated fire support base. Sgt. Davis seized a machine gun and provided covering fire for his guncrew. Single-handedly fired a howitzer, rescued 3 wounded soldiers, and kept fighting despite intense wounds. MORE! 9th Infantry

2LT Harold Bascom Durham Jr. [ posthumous award ], U.S. Army, Battery C, 6th Battalion, 15th Artillery, 1st Infantry Division . Republic of Vietnam, 17 October 1967. Born: 12 October 1942, Rocky Mount, N.C. 2d Lt. Durham was serving as a forward observer with Company D, 2d Battalion, 28th Infantry. Durham immediately moved into an exposed position to adjust the supporting artillery fire on the enemy concealed in well-camouflaged positions and fortified bunkers, administered emergency first aid to the wounded in spite of heavy enemy sniper fire directed toward him. Wounded by a Claymore, he directed fire onto his position, died still grasping the radio handset. Durham Hall, home of the FA OCS Hall of Fame, Ft. Sill.

Rogers' photo from the HallofHeroes LTC Charles Calvin Rogers: Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, 5th Artillery, 1st Infantry Division, USA; MOH Fishhook, near Cambodian border, Republic of Vietnam, 1 November 1968. Wounded three times in defending his firebase against human wave attacks in close combat.

1LT Brian M. Thacker: Battery A, 1st Battalion, 92d Artillery. Kontum Province, Republic of Vietnam, 31 March 1971. MOH He directed fire from an exposed position in the defense of a small hilltop fire base, ultimately on his position and though wounded, evaded capture for eight days.

SGT Mitchell W. Stout: 1950-12 March 1970; Battery C, 1st Battalion, 44th Artillery, 108th Artillery Group; Khe Gio Bridge, Republic of Vietnam; Medal of Honor (posthumous); sacrificed himself in removing a grenade from a bunker to save his fellow troops. Memorial Page

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WW2 Medal of Honor Artillerymen


CALUGAS, JOSE Sergeant, U.S. Army, Battery B, 88th Field Artillery, Philippine Scouts. Culis, Bataan Province, Philippine Islands, 16 January 1942. Entered service at: Fort Stotsenburg, Philippine Islands. Born: 29 December 1907

*First Lieutenant JOHN R. FOX Cannon Company, 366th Infantry Regiment, 92d Infantry Division. Sommocolonia, Italy on 26 December 1944. Forward Observer. African-American. Insisted that his last adjustment be fired on his position as the only way to defeat the German attack. When the US counterattack retook the position, Lieutenant Fox's body was found with the bodies of approximately 100 German soldiers.

*PEDEN, FORREST E. Technician 5th Grade, U.S. Army, Battery C, 10th Field Artillery Battalion, 3d Infantry Division. Near Biesheim, France, 3 February 1945. Forward Observer.

861st FA, MOH 1LT Robinson, 63rd Inf Div. Click Here for photo link.*ROBINSON, JAMES E., JR. First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Battery A, 861st Field Artillery Battalion, 63d Infantry Division. Near Untergriesheim, Germany, 6 April 1945. Forward Observer. FA OCS; Robinson Barracks, Ft. Sill. For picture and citation Click Here

TURNER, GEORGE B. Private First Class, U.S. Army, Battery C, 499th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 14th Armored Division. Philippsbourg, France, 3 January 1945.

World War I Medal of Honor:

HAYS, GEORGE PRICE First Lieutenant, U.S. Army 10th Field Artillery, 3d Division. Near Greves Farm, France, 14-15 July 1918. Entered service at: Okarche, Oklahoma. Born: 27 September 1892, China. WW2 Brig. General: 19 Oct 43-12 Nov 44, Divarty Commander, 2nd Infantry Division [Indianhead & Second to None]; European Theater, WW2.

*BLECKLEY, ERWIN R. (Air Mission) Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 130th Field Artillery, observer 50th Aero Squadron, Air Service. Near Binarville, France, 6 October 1918.

Philippine Insurrection:

BIRKHIMER, WILLIAM E. Captain, 3d U.S. Artillery. San Miguel de Mayumo, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 13 May 1899.

CONDON, CLARENCE M. Sergeant, Battery G, 3d U.S. Artillery. Calulut, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 5 November 1899.

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