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Awards, Banners and Links Page

Awards given to Sargent's Military Center.

Thanks Sandy for my first web award! Click for Vietnam, Artillery, Holocaust & Game Pages Thanks, Tibbo: World's Top 100 Military Sites including Artillery Thanks Bill, for helping to bring them all home.

 Tibbo's Australian Artillery Award Site award linked back to Rasky's Homepage Thanks Firecracker for my first personalized award. Visit her sites for MIA & Remembering the WACs.

Thanks Planetgif! July 15, 2000 Award.

Thanks, Charles for this award and kind words. Take a look at his graves registration site and tell him hello! I added a link :) Star Award This award puts me in some pretty distinguished company. Thanks Bill!

Thanks Joseph Queen, RVN 1971-72; In honor of all those who have served. []

Please accept this award for a site well done.
Enjoy your award. You've earned it. George Stewart
51 Squadron Web Site

Awards from Sargent's Military History Center

Please:  email me if you have a WW2 Site to be reviewed for this award. (c)2000 Sargent's Military History Center
Sargent's Military History Center Award

Sargent's Memorial Day 2000
Remember Those Who Served and Sacrificed: Memorial Day 2000

Wear Your Red Poppy With Pride! 5/29/2000

Interesting Banners and Links to Visit

Wonderful tribute to WW2 Submariners

Click for Ken O'Brien's great WW2 Warplane, Uniform Collections and Reenactment Homepage

And let's not forget to support the We Support the WW2 Memorial! WWII Memorial Fund

S/SGT Hallberg is not abandoned. Write Congress Now!

From Alberta, Canada
Thanks Coyote Jo for remembering Armistice Day and Vetran's Day 2000; In Memory of SSG.Michael L.Batt...
Till they all come home
They gave their all. We owe them!

Thanks to Richard T. Rannells for this Virtual POW/MIA Bracelet.

Click the Operation Just Cause banner
and get involved in any way you can!--

The comprehensive site for QM Graves Registration.

The 9th Division Website including its Artillery & Riverine Forces. This is THE starting point for the Nineth!

click to identify Marine Artillerymen

Award Winning Site with extensive military links

Charles A. Lloyd
115 Wall Creek Drive
Rolesville, NC 27571
Phone 919-570-0909

link for ww2 Merchant Marine Veterans
Email Vern Hurst

WW2's 807th Tank
807th Tank Destroyer Webpage, Utah Beach to Salzburg
Destroyer Battalion

Thanks to Wayne Miller, who will create free MIA/POW and Memorial Banners for you!
Wayner's Homepage.

MrWBanner (7000bytes) - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search

Honoring Deceased Veterans From Around The World
Take A Moment To Visit The Hall Of Honor - Click Image

Visit this decorated Marine's Honor Ring
"Click Here To Join The Hall of Honor Webring"
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USMC Field Artillery in VietNam

Donate to the USS Forrestal Memorial! USS Forrestal Museum CV59 Home Page


Thanks for the Cavalry graphic...proud to link back to you.

Comprehensive site for 17th Artillery Veterans

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