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Matt's MG Toy Box


as you can see by other sections of my homepage, my interests and efforts have shifted gears to a different automobile.  my jeep wrangler now occupies most of my time, as well as most of my income.  the mg, however, is still considered "my baby", and nothing will change this.  this summer (2002), i am installing the 2.8 v6 from a 1986 camaro, along with the 5-speed from this car.  i purchased the car, which is badly damaged, for a meager $100.  the motor runs, and the trans is in very good shape.  once it is running, and all is well in mg land, it will still be painted the planned 2001 subaru wrx rally blue.  i know, i know, a subaru color on an mg?  click here to see a car this color, and you'll see why.  anyhow, thanks for checkin on my homepage.  check back soon to see pics of the camaro motor being installed.  i shall try to keep a detailed record of the installation.

other sections of my page:

specs on my 1971 MG B Roadster

restoration pics of my car

pictures of the completed car

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pics of other MG B's

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soon to come

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