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MF Doom Interview

Here's an exclusive interview with MF Doom, who has an underground classic out right now titled "Operation: Doomsday". Check out what Doom got to say!

Whats up! So how did you get your start in the business?

I got my start back in 1989, 1990 working with KMD on there first album "Mr. Hood" on production, after that I did production here and there. And then in 93 I started to work on my own stuff. I went to the next level with Fondle'Em Records and drop "Dead Bent".

Who were some of your influences in Hip Hop back in the day?

Back in the day Hip Hop wise, definitly Afrika Bambatta, KRS-One (BDP), Marly Marl, Juice Crew, Kane on the rhyme tip and of course I cant forget Rakim.

So what part of New York you representin?

Originaly I'm from Manhatten, downtown and then moved out to Long Island in the Long Beach/Freeport area and then I just recently move back to Manhatten.

Whats up with the new album "Operation: Doomsday"?

"Operation: Doomsday" is the end to rap as we know it. All the fuckin bullshit, wack albums, lack of responsbility on part of the MC's from what they say. The misuse of power, coruption so "Operation: Doomsday" is the end to all that!

Who handles production and are there any guest appearances?

The album is all self produced. Everything written by myself besides the guest appearance. Guests include my partner MF Grimm, my other partner Kurious Jorge, and I got some brothers from Long Island, Queens, and Manhatten known as the Monster Islands Zears.

Is there anything that you would change with the album?

Nah, shit is still new to me. Everytime I hear it shit gets iller!

What type of production equipment do you mess with?

I did all the of album on the Roland VS 1681 as far as recording and MPC2000 studio plus. Did all the tricks on those two bad boys.

So who's all in the Monster Isle Click?

The whole Monster Island consist of Msyelf King Gidera, MF Grimm aka Jet, Megalon aka Tommy Gun, my other partner on the production tip Gamaray, Rodan, KD, and my partner Kong who is also featured on the album. And Gigan also known as The Natural who will be featured on the first single for Monster Isle.

Yall coming out with an album right?

Yeah, I'm gonna keep that as Top secret info!

Are you producing for any other artists now?

Yeah, I'm doing some shit for Kurious Jorge and his album, the single will be coming out in a few months. My man Cage who is a long time friend of mine, were talkin about doing something together. Other then my own shit thats about it.

So what are you listening to now?

I listen to the old jazz classics! You know all the ill jazz classics. In Hip Hop, I only listen to my own team but there's some shit out there like Del and Hiero who's are west coast family.

You been doing any shows?

Here and there I been rockin. I donít like to appear too much so where its played out. But every show is different and anyone who got to see MF Doom know how we get down! But I got something coming up on March 31st somwhere in the westcoast. If anyone wants to book us then get in touch with DaybyDay Inc.

Whats your opinion on Hip Hop right now?

Hip Hop is always gonna be live. Hip Hop with all the elements will always be live. But this shit called Hip Hop is really rap and thats not to be confused with Hip Hop. You donít do it cause you got a deal or trying to catch wreck its all about skills!

So you got your own label now?

Yeah its called MetalFace Records. The first release will be the KMD "Black Bastards" that was suppose to come out in 1993. And then the Monster Island Click album. Then some jazz groups, all types of different flavors that we'll always be hittin you with!

So are there any other projects your working on?

Other then just being in the lab diggin in the crates. Thatís about it!

Whats you thoughts on the net with Hip Hop?

Shit is good, cats all over the world can order shit online. Cause mothafucks in India cant go to Fat Beats. So its definilty a postivie thing!

So you got a website coming up?

Yeah MetalFace Records website coming up! Its like some ill shit concerning Hip Hop and everything that our people is concerned with, as far as like the youth of America who are strivin to break pass all the set ground rules that was set and all the limitations that were set. For anyone trying to brainstorm. Were gonna be dealing with topics from health, to straight up and down music to just issues. It will be well rounded.

Aight, any final comments or shout outs?

Big up and peace to the world!

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