Wolf Ranking

Wolf Ranking System

Alpha Pair:
  • Male and Female leaders of the pack. They often bond, or mate, for life, until either one dies.
    Young Subordinates:
  • Male and Females, including the Beta Wolf (the second-ranking wolf)
    Juveniles and Pups:
  • Both sexes. Ranks within this position can range anywhere from scout to caretaker ((except for pups. Until they grow older, they just remain the 'pack pups')).
    The Omega Wolf:
  • Male or Female scapegoat (bears the brunt of the pack's frustrations and harassment and may be the last to feed, or will go without food when it is scarce).

    *Below are some pictures and some information on each rank*

  • The Alphas

    This is one way you can tell who the ALPHA is. By rasing the tail, symbolizes a sort of "flag." The higher the tail, the more dominante the wolf.

    The Betas

    Second in rank, the beta helps the alpha with decissons as well as some other pack activities. With the pressence of the alpha gone, the beta will usally take over.


    Includes pup's, omega, and adult members. There can be different ranks for any subordinates. Caretaker, pupsitter, hunter, etc. Subordinates sumit to the higher ranking wolves such as the alpha and/or beta. Usally by submissive behavior ((See Wolf Behavior)).

    The Omega

    Is the lowist rank of any wolf pack. They are constantly being picked on, yet they are a very important part of a wolf pack. The omega relives tention within the pack, and is the last to eat. And sometimes, the omega gets picked on so much, they become lone wolves.

    Hunting Order & Eating