What I Got

These are all items I own and collect. If you have anything you want to trade or sell,drop me a line and if you have sompthing that intrest me we'll talk! if you are looking for anything chances are I can help you find it! so hit me up at Subliminal89@hotmail.com and ill get back to you!PEACE.

Justa List

Full Length Albums

40 Oz. to Freedom - 1st Printing (Barcode) (Skunk) (SEALED)

40 Oz. to Freedom - 2nd Printing (No CopyRight Info) (Skunk)

40 Oz. to Freedom - 2nd Printing (CopyRight Info) (Skunk)

40 Oz. to Freedom - 3rd Printing (Skunk)

40 Oz. to Freedom - 4th Printing (MCA)

Greatest Hits - Explicit Version (MCA)

Robbin' the Hood - 1st Printing (No Barcode) (Skunk)

Robbin' the Hood - 3rd Printing (MCA)

Sublime (MCA)

Second Hand Smoke (MCA)

Second Hand Smoke - Limited Edition / T-Shirt / Key Chain / Video (MCA) (SEALED)

Stand By Your Van - Explicit Version (MCA)

Sublime Acoustic - Bradley Nowell & Friends (MCA)

Import Albums

40 Oz. to Freedom - Australia (Mushroom / Liberation) (SEALED)

40 Oz. to Freedom - France (Skunk / Community Records)

Living in a Boring Nation - Australia (Mushroom / Liberation)

Sublime - Canada / Sun Cover (Skunk)

Sublime 2 CD Set - Europe (MCA)

What I Got - UK / Brad & Louie Cover (MCA)

EP's & Singles

Badfish EP (Skunk) (SEALED)

Badfish EP (Skunk)

Date Rape EP (Skunk)

Doin' Time Single (MCA)

What I Got - 7 Song EP (MCA)


13 Fl. Oz. - 1st Printing / Cardboard Sleeve (Skunk)

13 Fl. Oz. - 2nd Printing / Jewel Case (DJ Friendly) (Skunk)

All You Need (Skunk)

Badfish 1 track(MCA)

Badfish 4 track(Skunk)

Doin' Time - Advance Copy (MCA)

Ebin (Skunk)

Santeria (MCA)

Sublime - In-Store Play (MCA)

What I Got - No Mo Fo Edit (MCA)

Wrong Way (MCA)

Professional Bootlegs

Bradley Nowell Acoustic (Firecracker Lounge) - 2nd Printing (5B Records)

It All Seems so Silly in the Long Run (Junk Records)

Sinsemilla '86-96' (Discos La Revancha) (SEALED)

Sinsemilla '86-96' (Discos La Revancha)

Live Show Bootlegs

Boston, MA - TT The Bears (04/05/95)

Boulder, CO - Fox Ampitheater ('95)

Camden, NJ - Warped Tour / Blockbuster Pavillion (08/17/95)

Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under (04/17/96)

Dominguez Hills, CA - Olympic Velodrome (05/06/95)

Fort Lauderdale, FL - The Edge (Brad & Eric Acoustic) (08/13/95)

Hollywood, CA - Las Palmas (12/04/94)

Indialantic, FL - The Zoo & The Groove Tube (A Day in the Sun) (03/24/95) & (03/25/95)

Irvine, CA - Kuci Ska Parade (03/05/94)

Irvine, CA - Warped Tour / Frazier Park (09/04/95)

New York, NY - The Wettlands (04/11/96)

Petaluma, CA - Phoenix Theatre (Coping With - Last Show) (05/24/96)

Providence, RI - Ocean Mist (04/07/95)

San Diego, CA - Soma (11/11/95)

San Francisco, CA - House of Blues (04/05/96)

San Francisco, CA - Kommotion (09/09/94)

Washington, DC - Capitol Ballroom (4/12/96)

12" Vinyl

40 Oz. to Freedom - Double LP (Skunk) (SEALED)

Sublime S/T Picture Vinyl (Erika Records) (SEALED)


Black Light Sun

Crazy Fool

Bradley Memorial Dates

Band Sitting On Chairs (Skunk)

Killin It (Skunk Promo)

Second Hand Smoke (MCA Promo)


Saturday Morning cartoons (VHS)

Sublime (DVD)

Stories,Tales,Lies & Exaggerations (DVD)


Crazy Fool

Press Kit 8x10 Promo

Sublime 8x10

Long Beach Dub Allstars

Wonders Of The World (DreamWorks)

Trailer Ras 2 Track Promo (DreamWorks) (SEALED)

So if you have anything you want to sell or trade e-mail me and we'll talk everything I own I take care of VERY good, this is a good Sublime home. Peace.
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