Rare Cds

These are all website where you can still find promo cd's and rare sublime memorbilia! ive gotton extremly rare cds from ebay and most of the time you can get really good deals on promos, vinyls, and RARE tapes!.

The Sites

Where you can still get What I Got EP's!

eBay's Half.com - Buy it on the spot!

Rare Sublime cds, VINYLS! and some other cool stuff.

Click here for great eBay values!

Now Ebay Is also availible in CANADA (Blame canada..."SouthPark") Find what you are looking for @ eBay.ca!

I have like 3 or 4 other website where you can still get wrong way promo's(you can get them on ebay)and other subime as well as LBDA cds so keep checking in im add them soon. PEACE.

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