In Memory of Bradley James Nowell

2-22-68 5-25-96

GaNsItO & BuTtErFlY

This Page is dedicate to the late great Bradley Nowell of Sublime.Unlike Many Sublime Pages I am always updating it and I answer to most of my e-mails, so if you want any information drop me a line and I'll get back to you. Thanks for all the suport I've been getting from all fans alike! Peace.

New Additions To Page: Thanks to a good friend on Ebay (AVFC) I have some new aditions to the collection and I will post them up soon!!!! Its been a long time but just when I check up on ebay I find these auctions and once a collector always a collector and this bro hooked me up! so a big thanks goes out to Avfc!!!! if you see any of his auctions and see something you like to be shy and bid, he wont disapoint!!! Peace!.

New News: Well theres been some new cds put out by MCA for sublime but same ol greatest hit type of thing, dont think we will be seeing any singles out for these new cds. !!!

Last Updated: February 16th 2003

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