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Future Releases


Every scale modeler  wants to build his/her dream model. Aftermarket products are easiest way to reach perfection. Decals are the most important part of a model, because everybody looks at the tiny letters or colorful nosearts or artworks on your models.

For years, it was really difficult to find any aftermarket decals for modelers want to build an accurate model kit of an aircraft of Turkish Air Force. So, we decided to produce best Turkish Air Force decals ever seen both 1/72 , 1/48 and 1/32 scales.

It s easy to find very different decals at our range, from exotic Super Sabres to F-16 Vipers. If you need a special decal or if you have any documents about a TuAF plane that you think it needs a decal, please contact us. 

Last edited :29.11.2001

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