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Nutrition for the New Millennium
International, Inc. 1- 877- 4SLIMRX™

Retail Kiosk Opportunity


We are looking for Independent Distributors who intend to mass market Slim-Rx™ from a retail location, such as a KIOSK on your local major shopping center or other Slim-Rx™ approved locations.

An Independent Distributor may also become a Retail Kiosk Operator Distributor by submitting a separate application to Slim-Rx™ International, Inc. to be considered.

Kiosk distributor Advantages:

  1. Kiosk Distributors have walk-by traffic and exposure from which to build a down-line.

  2. Kiosks receive mass media support.

  3. Kiosks participate in the down-line compression pay plan - Five levels!!!!


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