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Self-employed freelancer, 1989 - present
J.R.B. Advertising Company, Binghamton, New York
Maple Vail Manufacturing Group, Binghamton, New York
(book publishing company)
Raising family, home management
Watchman News, Monticello, New York
Catskill Shopper, Monticello, New York
Color Reproductions, Union, New Jersey


Helmers Huskies PTA News,
Charles Helmers Elementary School, Valencia, California 1992 - 1994
Implemented need for, designed and edited monthly newsletter of FYI communications between school and parents of recent and upcoming events Gathered committee reports which were then organized, edited and assembled in a Pagemaker format on my home computer Provided camera-ready mechanicals to district office while maintaining constant communications with PTA officers, school principal, and printing department of last minute additions or revisions. Also provided flyers, posters,custom raffle tickets,programs, buttons for ID badges and award certificates for fund-raisers and special events using Adobe Pagemaker and Illustrator
related experience continued....

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