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Heartbeats and Hellos

"Pictures and photographs,
Memories and windows,
Goodbyes and epitaphs,
Heartbeats and hellos"
-Matt Scannell "Heart in Hand"

Last Update - October 26, 2000

First of all, thank you for visiting my page :) I hope that you find it informative and interesting. I've had a lot of fun working on it, and I plan to keep doing what I have been doing. In case for some reason you are wondering, I am just a fan of all of these bands (a rep for Chasing Gray), and I am doing this because, well, because I love their music. I hope that I can help out these bands in some way. If you like one of these bands, but don't know any of the others, or some of the others, give them a listen.

Also, while you are here, PLEASE sign my guestbook. I would really like to get some more visitors in there, and I just changed to a Dreambook, so if you already signed my book, go back and re-sign it. Thank you

If you are looking for the story of the Vertical Horizon "You're A God" video shoot, the link is on my Vertical Horizon page

I've decided to add to my website in yet another way . . . I started a journal on another site (it's easier to update). I was never very good at keeping a diary when I was younger, and I have scores of them with only a few pages filled out. This one will be filled with more random thoughts tho, I think

Here are links to my other pages on this site

  • It's Only Me - the half of my page that is about me, my life, my friends, my family, etc.
  • Heartbeats and Hellos - another part of my page which is dedicated to Vertical Horizon :)
  • Chasing Fireflies - what will become a page for another GREAT band that I know of, Chasing Gray.
  • In this Moment - dedicated to the Pat McGee Band
  • Statues of Light - the small page for Cary Pierce (it will grow, but I want to get more for VH, CG, and PMB first)

My current favorite songs (from each cd/band and a link to their official website)

Vertical Horizon "There And Back Again" - Children's Lullaby, Lines Upon Your Face
Vertical Horizon "Running On Ice" - Angel Without Wings, Santa/Sunrays and Saturdays
Vertical Horizon "Live Stages" - Wash Away/Unchosen One, Heart in Hand
Vertical Horizon "Everything You Want" - Shackled, Finding Me
Vertical Horizon unreleased - Glass Waltz/Are We Alive, Promise of Tomorrow/Slow in Time
Jackopierce "Jackopierce" - March/Please Come to Boston
Jackopierce "Woman as Salvation" - Woman as Salvation
Jackopierce "Live from the Americas" - Back Next Year
Jackopierce "Bringing on the Weather" - Forces/Jacob
Jackopierce "Finest Hour" - Trials/Six Page Letter
Pat McGee Band "From the Wood" - Rebecca/Haven't Seen for a While
Pat McGee Band "Revel" - Flooding Both of Us
Pat McGee Band "General Admission" - Rebecca/Can't Miss What You Never Had
Pat McGee Band "Shine" - Anybody/Minute
Eddie From Ohio "BIG noise" - Gravity/Similie Song
Athenaeum "Athenaeum" - Different Situation
Athenaeum "Radiance" - Radiance
Agents of Good Roots "Where'd You Get that Vibe?" - Sidewinder/Smiling up the Frown
Agents of Good Roots "Straightaround" - Shortchange/Get Me There
Agents of Good Roots "One by One" - Come On
Agents of Good Roots "Needle and Thread" - Meet me on Main Street/Everyday/Gotta Move (all around an incredible album)
Jump, Little Children - Cathedrals/B-13
Chasing Gray 3 song promo - Someplace Closer
Chasing Gray "A Break in the Clouds" - chasing fireflies/last time
Cary Pierce "You Are Here" - Tower
Angie Aparo "The American" - Hush/Wonderland/the american
Goo Goo Dolls "Dizzy Up the Girl" - Black Balloon (it's been my favorite song of theirs since sometime in the dorms)
Dave Matthews Band "Live from Luther College" - Christmas Song

I am always learning about new bands in this genre. Some of the ones that I am JUST learning about are:

Dispatch (formerly One Fell Swoop)
Morphine - they certainly have a darker sound, which takes some getting used to, but I know that I like their music.
Out From Under - this band is very up-and-coming if you ask me. They don't have a cd out yet, but you can get one song called "Your Time" from I have also been in contact with their drummer and they seem like a really nice group of guys.
Matt Nathanson - a guy from San Francisco who I was just recommended to recently. I like his sound so far, and it's awesome that he's out here (for one!). His story is eerily similar to Matt Scannell's . . . check it out if you don't believe me.
Thanks to Gravity - another Aware artist, I got Slingshot today but I haven't had time to listen to it and pick out a favorite track yet.
Christine Havrilla - See, there are a FEW women out there that I like :) A friend told me about her after hearing her at a bar, so I went and downloaded a few of her songs from Then I downloaded all of them. She's great!
emmet swimming - Jeff picked up their three cds for me at a giant sale. I'm going to listen to them a bit more before I move them up the list and say my favorite songs.
Freddy Jones Band - unfortunately defunct. I didn't get to see them live, but I have one of their cds (and should get more at Christmas)
Fighting Gravity - their sound is a bit more ska-like, which I don't like quite as much, but Breathing, available on their site, is *really* good.

I will keep updating these bands as I learn more about them, and find others.

Thanks to Michele for helping my page look so good! And to Brett for helping me get it started in the first place :) And to Will for telling me about most of these bands in the first place.

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