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Hi im Kesha (Janaan) & thanks for visiting my web page I hope you like it. You might be wandering what *FANTASY ISLAND* is about, well you've come to the right place.*FANTASY ISLAND* is a funny/stupid story my friend & I wrote.This isn't the only thing on the web page I'll have humor on anything that pops into my head , or any of my friend's.This is my first web page so i'm sorry if it sucks. If you feel sorry for me and want to help me out e mail me at: NOTE: ALL STORIES ON THIS WEB SITE ARE UNDER THE PROTECTION OF THE U.S. COPYWRIGHT LAW. REPRODUCTION OF ANY OF THESE STORIES IS EXPRESSILY FORBIDEN WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR(S).THANK YOU!) Post in my forums

The Story

*Fantasy Island*

The Writing Utensil

A Stupid Story

A Problimatic Substance