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ShOuToUt 2 Da FeLLaH's

[First off a lil shout to Rainil,Alfred,Will,Joe, Adrian, and Erick, sup fellahz tennis is gay lol i hope yall dun make da team so we can still go to da mall and and mess around..this excludes Erick cuz he's jap lol and Adrian cuz he gonna b workin wit me at Todai'z makin da scrilla...aiight den on wit mai personal shoutz]

Sups boi, well u finally got a web payge huh...not bad ..not as good as mine but hey no one's perfect..hehe wayz yea so how was hawaii fer u? fer me it was koo jes i missed hella shit down here was that party?..glad i had a lot of peeps dat could look out for my gurl ne wayz ill c u around i always do even wen i go off to college, latez
Hey there boi..well its almost over for me one more bball tourny and im outz..but u can keep reppin the D without me and wayz ill pop buy ur work one day but u betta hook me up...o yea and r we goin to tahoe for yba?
Sups damn ur lil "#1 stunna" crap well its ova ur off to san diego state congrats. well ill miss ur gangsta wannabe but im sure ill find a replacement in san ho..prob not as good as u but we'll c
Sups dang man how long have u and ur gurl been together? dang am i going to the wedding already or wut? ne wayz hope we get to dorm togetha cuz i dun wanna dorm wit sum queer...and yea one more tourny for me and u so letz not screw dis one up diablo #1
Sups ...uh Smooth? fer ne ladie out there who likes da way i look den dis is da guy u wanna ask me bout..we always get confused for eachother..o yea wsup wit our rappin career? its jes on a lil break i guess..well if we wait to long imma change to r&
Wuddup SaT dawg the asian sensation..haha sups bro well this was a good season we had a lot of i sed man commitement was bad not everywun could show up..o well we still got one more so lets make the best of it
Sups well all my boyz liked ur ride, its pretty phat ne future plans for it? well ill race u up soon once i get my i-vtech engine put in its all good..ill bring my krew down and we can burn rubba
Sups to mai fav cuz..well u missed hawaii and all of gramps nice long tours lol...dang we got passed on the road so many times..o well it was still fun
Sup ok white shaq in da hizouse!...dang man u balled it up dat one day in danville so i guess u gotz skillz but dun tink u can take me cuz u havent haha
Sups haha damn boi u too funni, haha...u figure out how to turn on ur computer yet? hahaha..dang rampage u do sum funny ass shit ill hit u up ova the summer so u can make me laff again haha
Sups dang man i tink i need to go work out, but i cancelled my membership well my dad made me cuz i cant use it in san ho but o wayz yea my uncle can get shit frum japan if u want sumthin u gotta let me kno
yea we gotta go car shoppin fixin our accordz up would b sik..gotta make a team name too wit mike and can and hit me upz u kno the numbah
Sups air duong that game was pretty tayte huh but still that guy busted like 5 j's on ur ass o well he's got game ne wayz ill hit u up if we go ballin again oo and rememba laurence ..haha..
wsup to da one and only SAVAGE no one could b mo of a savage den u one day imma pass u up and get mo hoppz den u..imma b dunkin on ur a$$ haha ok may b not but u neva kno
Sups damn work work work..all u do is work u need to put sum time aside to play ball we need u bak wen u do come bak u gonna bust out wit ur headband? haha who u tink u r larry hughes? dang man i heard u got a beamer 325 das tayte man imma jack it it to practice one day i wanna c it or at festival
wuddup boi....sooo u want da hook upz wit......yea yea i got it jes give me sum time to get on her good side and she's all urs aiight ..o and stop bein late to church it can't b a good ting u kno ..buddha is watchin u haha i heard u went to dat party too i also heard u bounced early y? i heard u missed a couple of brawlz
sups well how did u like hawaii? well at dvc man make sure u get all dem guys to pass their classes im countin on u cuz i tink ur prob one of the more mature times...well wen u need to b ne wayz have fun at dvc and dun party to much
wuddup thanks fer drivin my gurl home the other day even tho u were kinda buzzed..well ill c ur ass at san ho damn that orientation thing was long...daym woke up hella early fer dat shit too.daym saw hella peeps there prob everywun but kimchi
wsup dang so ur prob in arizona already drivin in ur rx7..well u gotta drive it here one day b apart of our race krew and b the first white boi haha
[MiKe Q]
sup man, im gettin exhaust soon soo ill b revin up on u guys...ey we gotta do our freeway formation again..take up all lanes and then our diagonal formation is a site to wayz hit me up for them UOP partays and ill hit u up bout the san ho ones..ours will b betta tho trust me
[RaY tHe GrEaT]
....great round table worker ...haha naw im playin..dang u workin lots now huh makin sum fix up ur samantha ride...well we'll still find time to kik it and get kiked out of but thats another story
for all the ladies out there i'll b puttin up a picture of my boy Will here so u can check him out..but ne wayz call me up Will and remind me to hit up dat one chick
"Itz my destiny" haha those words will haunt u forever...dvd player...haha but i found out there's a couple more festivals we can hit up and win mo shit so ill have to hit u up bout dat till then have fun workin at jamba juice..o by the way jamie likes drinks from there...just a thot
dang man so u get a job yet? im thinkin bout gettin one wen i go to college so i can party fer now...dang u must've gotten drunk everday after u got ur liscense u need ta ease it up a bit u may b tuff but u gotta slow down
no one laff becuz this guy is goin to the NBA ....haha ok my bad jed im not "hatin" jes keepin it on da realz ...if u do make it to the nba u can bragg all u want till then slow ur role ...o yea wen u gonna make me my daym i heard u got kiked out or sumthin too dat sux flipz got strict familyz
haha sup calvin klein? dang man i had to say it..i heard u let will drive big mistake man but u prob found dat wayz ill c u at san ho
well i haven't lost in 1on1 bball in a while but Justin managed to beat my win streak..daym u...o well wut can i say this guy is a balla well ill b ballin it up wit u at san ho
[KeViN aka KiMcHi]
well i wanna kno if u got into san ho if u did we should start our racin krew and hit up mike and taz need to think of a good name tho
For ne one else that i missed hit me upz i prob just didnt have time but wuteva ill get ya in latez