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hmm.. first off if ur name is on dis list send me a new updated pix of urself fer me to cherrish hahah...yea but most ov yall should kno where to send it if not den hit me upz online and ill tell u where to send it aiight den latez.

sup there hows it goin? man dat trip to freshno was tayte. dj gettin drunk off his @$$ haha...i hope he reallie did pee in ur toilet not sumthin else hahaha..welpz gotta do it again sumtime, jes hit me upz latez.
Ball me uP? smoke me in racin? puahahaha keep dreamin girl. well still lookin foward to dat dai, wen u wanna play? u kno uz gonna lose hehe, dun warn mE! hehe aiight den shortie latahz
Wassup gurl? hows clayton valley? well hope we get ta talk a lil mo and kik it, u betta sign mai gbook soon!
sups to my gurl in da LA/OC bad we dun live closer huh?...yea i would prob go out wit u if u lived up hea er um take dat into cosideration wen tinkin bout college aiight koo latez
Sups to mai home gurl or lil sis..(not real sis) wsup wit chu? cmon u kno i didn't mean ur sn was gay...hehe pickles was it? aiight den tell me if u play in a tourny up hea aiight latez
Sup annie...or should i say ann*E*<~~u kno E?wut yall doin, wut since its not summer yall can't kik it wit me and DJ? o wellz hit me upz sum times aiight late
<~~mai otha not real sis..Hiya..well wens da next time imma c u? been a while huh well hopefully c u at a tourny lemme kno wen u and hiromi play up hea aiight latez
SupS~man u and annie dun kik it wit us ne mo yall can't b dat busy can u?
HEY u freakin piGeon wassup wen we gonna kik it? imma kik ur *bleep* again haha...u and ur lil wut tai kwon do shiet?welpz sorri i couldnt make it to ur party hope ur not to madd at me..if u payge me er call me ill come kik it take u out fer lunch,dinner er sumthin aiightz? promise..latez
[KeLLy NaKaGaWa]
waddup to mai cuzzz ..hehe not real cuz ...well u neva kno...we got da same last name and all..and its not to common ova hea...well cuz we gotta kik it sumtyme...tell ur dad he owes me lotsa presents fer missed bdayz hehe take karez..and THX fer da pix we do kinda look related hehe ill send u a pic wen i get sum aiight take karez
wassup to my happa gurl well u should've gone to freshno conf. it was koo u could've saw me bust out my skillz on stage hehe...well next time aiight? i still owe u dat dance rite? wut else i owe u? god i hate being in debt....latez..o and *2* hehe
Sups lynnie..aka bawlette..or o021..hows it goin im still waitin fer our lil game and yes imma win both bets so dunt even try..hehe well ill call ya if im in town ok?
hey jamiez! haha DJ is comin fer ur lil sissy hehe "BOO!" hehe...we gonna come ova to ur house again sumtime so let me kno wen we can and we will b dere to kik ur ass in um wat was dat game called...?
Sups gurl...wsup wit u? u gonna b ballin fer hs or owlettes dis year? yea yea i wont tell ne one ur lil secret bout wut u did at da dance....*ahem* hey and u were actually nice to ryan dis time..all i can say is its bout time...
Hey wut u gonna do?..hope u make da riote choice..but dunt ferget we cuzins rememba? ..gonna b pharmacist makin da scrilla..hehe..wut happend to karaokee? we called..psh..hehe o wellz talk to ya laterz..
Sups chui...pho or wuteva was ok...fu fu fungus if u ask me but wuteva...i guess da drink u got was worse hope ya feel betta...hope u like da movie~!!..we gotta kik it again sumtime..aiight? u kno wut to do hit me upz..
[KRISTI SaK aka BaNaNa GuRl]
Sups gurl~!!ya wish u could kik mai ass...but like i sed im too tall for u *ahem* shortiee...yea its "where u frum CONCORD smokin~!!" yea who won lip sing???...o yea WE DID!..ur fault i dun owe u a rose...ur fault..."fuckface", yea das rite dun mess wit me cuz im da "bomb diggity" haha....
BOWL????freakin bucky...hehe..thanks now trev gonna call me dat...ill try to go to ur mall one dai so we can kik it k? betta kik it wit me..
hey gurl hows ur payge comin along? well yea ill b down ur way was magic mtn? sorri i couldnt make it..i will next time i promise!!
Cmon yuri hook me up wit ur fren...she sed i was kyoote rite? geez all i wanted was a least show it to DJ so he can give me his thoughts bout her aiight thx
Sups? haffnt talked to u in hella days wassup? i fergot ur new sn so ill ask lynne ok? aiight den hope tings koo witchu aiight? late
[Christina U]
hey waddup?..yea yea freshno was pretty tayte u should've come could've saw CONCORD win the lipsing contest...yup yup..a[Z]n'SyNc up in hea!
sups well like i sed ill b down ur way in august..gonna take me clubbin and shizz riote? dat would b koo..jes make shure to keep me away frum all dem freaks out there in ur city hehe ..aiigt tanks
Sups glad everyting is koo, so i heard u workin at sum phone place in valley fair? u gonna hook it up rite? did u kno i was goin to san ho state? jes curious i guess...wellpz hit me upz sumtime latez
Hey dere PMS girl lol..well hope ur feelin betta and dat everythang is goin well at skoo and kno dat if u eva got probs feel free ta hit me upz aiight den latez
Sups miss thugette? i dunno das wut it says..hehe cant wait to ball against ur bro..u keepin score riote? hook me up k? hehe ttyl late..