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My Script-by Me

*NeWz & UpDaTeZ*

!~Jan 29th~!
Well really all I did is delete stuff that I found hard to keep up, like the presonal shouts to guys/girls is gone. The shouts page is still there but its more towards groups of people. Also I've put up some recent web cam pix still not good quality but it will have to do. Last I've changed the music section to a asianpop section. To everyone out there reading this sign my gbook and give me some feedback! Til then peace and enjoy my site.
!~AuG 29th~!
Sup yall havent updated shiet since....well FeB 26..but yea at least i updated this wayz im up at college now..its pretty koo i mean u get to meet hella heads here everywuns pretty nice over here no haterz..and yea there r a lot of gurls here so to all my dogz yall mite wanna check dis place out..newayz ill post more later till then keep it real to everywun in the 925
!~FeB 26th~!

Well just moved everythang that was here ova to my new !PaRtY! payge so if u miss it u can just go there. I also added a few thangs like music gettin a lil help frum mai baby *muahz* thanks fer ur help. One day soon i hope ta have mai boxes *ahem*...aiight well everyone keep signin mai daym gbook er else imma start buggin.

!u BeTTa SiGn MaI G~sPoT!

!!ThiS pAyGe LiKe !!