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925 BoyZ- "It's the 925 boyz whaaat" To the krew i spend my 925 life with ill always be around even if its about something as small as beatin up some danville punks

SiStahz- To all the girls out there who i consider my sis, u kno who yall are...yall too remember that when your life is shit dont hesitate to give me a holla

Omega Xi Omecron(OXiO)- My frat bros. I'm with ya guy 100%, cuz its our time to shine and let all of sjsu know wassup.

Hoover Hall 3rd floor Odd(H3O)- Everywhere I go i find peeps that wanna be in our hall but you know what they cant! haha..been fun livin with yall through all the memorable eventz.

Diablo (D~Squad)- Missin them ballin dayz, we have to get together and get a scrimmage goin