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To MaI LuV DeSeE:

DES:SUPS BABY~!!..u kno im nice...hehe 2 months riote? or 1 year we married? dang u had to go to LA didnt u...aww i wanted to c u...well no matter how far away we r i still luv yaz aiight? no im not playin on u riote now may b tommorow tho ...hehe jpjp dunt kill me...and ur killer dog..nice sis...hehe...well call me up wen u get home K or payge me if i go to dat party..

ShOuToUt 2 Da FeLLaH's

DJ:Sups boi~! hows it goin? hey me and ryan mite change churches so...if we go u betta come wit us aiight? layte~
RYAN:Hey there boi...yea she callz me kirklez grr..stop laughin already...well hope ur haffin fun playin ball fer bamberger haha...o well we will kik *bleep* in diablo later haha payce boi~
JASON:Sups hope ya had a good not wear dat stoopid hat at skoo..or else imma leave ya haha jp...y u always gotta b gettin A`s in mr.wood?smartass...hehe
ROB:Sups nice car...*laffs* haha o wellz mine not much betta but i drive like a pimp rite? haha layte
EVAN:Sups CP is weak~!!..haha ur skoo sucks boi~but gyea me and ryan mite b goin to ur church may b richard too aiight hmm lets go kik it soon ok? aiight den latez
SCOTT:Sups ...uh S~smooth? mai rappin partnah..haha or we jes DJ`s now? haha well haffnt seen ya in a lil so ill call u up to plan sumthin aiight? payce lil bro..he looks jes like me fer all u ladies out there haha..
RUSS:Wuddup SaT dawg the asian sensation..haha sups bro well gyea mai skoo lost to urs but its all good we get u next time as fer us we betta start ballin it up..we gotta play Free Meth soon so b ready aiight?
RICHARD:Sups mr. likes to go to raves hows da racin krew? wuts it called bai da way? gonna pik me up in ur porsche riote? best not get me killed..haha well payce bro~
CARL:Sups to mai fav cuz..only get to cyaz on hollidays wuddup wit dat? haha well im ready to play ball fer ur team ok? cant wait gotta b 18 tho huh? damn lets jes not tell dem..hehe
MIKE:Sup portuguese foe life...hahhaa ur weak~!! haha jp ..haff fun sayin mai name in class so i can b famous like u say..hope u start ova dat guy will smith(not da movie star) since u gotz madd hoppz and skillz...
TREV:Sups uhh Prune?...i dunt even wanna not b callin me Bowl or kirklez in class...grrr...wut did i tink of her? i dunno..hehe...i dunno...well cyaz first period..
ROB uhh wen u gonna come to class and try to get good grades?..haha u betta hook it up wit a laser pointer haha lets kik pablo`s *bleep* tommorow ..
DUONG:Sups hows bball?...wen u gonna ball fer mai squad? ill try to get u u can check out all da fly ladies out there...bai the way nice shoes *ahem* ryan showed me....
ALEX:Hey SAVAGE~!! who sed a happa cant b a mack? wut foo get off his nutt sack hahaha all i can say is dis boi got sum hoppz and is definately a TRU get off his nuttz...
KENNY:Sups so wut u tink of da new guy? weak or good?...haha de la salle lost ~!! in bball so our boi gonna take urs..haha u scored cuz i wasnt guardin u rap wit us next time..
COREY:CP IS WEEEAAAKK..phuk dat cp shiz..haha u and evan...weeeaaaakkk...lets ball u and evan vs me and ryan aiight? thursdae like always..
MARCO:Sups hey ur team lost~!! freakin auburn wuddup wit dat? o wellz mine did too..its all good cant wait to see jason and his hat huh? o wellz if im gona kik it wit him u betta too ok?


HIROMI:Sups to mai home gurl or lil sis..(not real sis) u betta b good frum now on stop causin ruccus..but u kno ur bro`s got ur bak..but dunt do get in trouble or imma tell mommy..hehe
ANNIE:Sup annie...or should i say ann*E*<~~u kno E? not do dat shiet no mo...y did u haff to move? sum fren u r ..eheh jp call me up soon ok? please? u da koolest person on da phone hehe..
VIV:SupS~hows bball? we gonna ball one dai ok? imma kik ur *bleep* hehe dai ill come bak down to san jo so we can kik it aiightz? well ttyl late~
KRISTIN N.:HEY YOO...well hows fresno? didja haff fun at da mall up here? no? well ill c ya at da vball tourny stop jockin dat guy ..hehe jp u can do betta..
LENA:HEY u freakin piGeon wassup wen we gonna kik it? imma kik ur *bleep* again haha...u and ur lil wut tai kwon do shiet?..o wellz das koo seem like u talkin to lynnie mo..
LYNNE:Sups lynnie..aka bawlette..or o021..hows it goin im still waitin fer our lil game and yes imma win both bets so dunt even try..hehe well ill call ya if im in town ok?
BECCA:Sups gurl...hows bball..u startin?..u shouldve joined yba ..wen we gonna kik it sundae? betta rite me...and stop dissin mai boi~!!!..or else...hehe u owe me candy canes and pics ok?
AMY:Hey wut u gonna do?..hope u make da riote choice..but dunt ferget we cuzins rememba? ..gonna b pharmacist makin da scrilla..hehe..wut happend to karaokee? we called..psh..hehe o wellz talk to ya laterz..
CHUI:Sups chui...fu or wuteva was ok...fu fu fungus if u ask me but wuteva...i guess da drink u got was worse hope ya feel betta...hope u like da movie~!!..we gotta kik it again sumtime hope u got ur car bak...well cyaz..
KRISTI Sa.:Sups gurl~!..well hows bball?hows derek? still fitin? too bad we live to far huh? o wellz cya at bball tourny`s and yba...we gotta kik it ok? sorri had to go i could meet up i dunt tink evan is gonna get wit ur fren i dunno..may b later..its not like he dunt like her jes he got sumone in mind riote now..
JENNI:BOWL????freakin bucky...hehe..thanks now trev gonna call me dat...ill try to go to ur mall one dai so we can kik it k? betta kik it wit me..
KEL:Sups...sorri bout da break up hope u ova me now..we can still kik it tho riote? jes hit me up hopefully im not bust but who knoes..aiight latez
KRISTIN H:Sups? haffnt talked to u in hella days wassup? i fergot ur new sn so ill ask lynne ok? aiight den hope tings koo witchu aiight? late
KRISTY S:Sups..well i dunt like bein complete enemies i kno since we broke up i been kinda mean..ok very mean..but u kno u jes got kinda annoyin u kno?..well may b we can b frens or wuteva jes dunt bring up da relationships k?
LISA I:Sups miss thugette? i dunno das wut it says..hehe cant wait to ball against ur bro..u keepin score riote? hook me up k? hehe ttyl late..
LISA N: Hiya..well one dai imma come down to LA so u can c me...we can kik it ill tel hiromi..lemme kno wen u gonna play ball up mai way k? aiight den bai..