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ToP 10

    Everyone knows whats good to DL as far as American songs go but, here is a list of good korean songs with my personal favorites in bold.


    1. 1TYM "Ready or not Yo!"
    2. 1TYM "1TYM"
    3. 1TYM "Good Love"
    4. 1TYM "Ching Ching"
    5. Dragon Ash "Deep Impact"
    6. Drunken Tiger "Iz Ask Hizay"
    7. Drunken Tiger "NY 2 Shanghi"
    8. Drunken Tiger "Return of the Tiger"
    9. Jinusean "How Deep is Your Love"
    10. Jinusean "A-Yo"
    11. Jinusean "Bing Bing Bing"
    12. Jinusean Ft. Mobb Deep "Holding Down"
    13. Perry Ft. YG Family "Get Ready"
    14. YG Family "We are YG Family"
    15. YG Family "Y.G. Bounce"
    16. YG Family "1TYM Attack"
    17. Yoo Seung Jun Ft. Yuki "Can't Wait"
    18. Yoo Seung Jun "Chat Gil Ba Rae"
    19. Yoo Seung Jun "Hot Korean Rap"
    20. Yoo Seung Jun "Na Na Na"
    21. Yoo Seung Jun "Vision"


1. As One "Sarang"
2. Ayumi Hamasaki "Depend on you"
3. Ayumi Hamasaki "Evolution"
4. Baby Vox "Bae Shin"
5. Baby Vox "Game Over"
6. Baby Vox "Killer"
7. Boa "Amazing Kiss"
8. Boa "Don't Start Now"
9. Boa "Expressing My Feelings"
10. Boa "Sara"
11. Cleo "Illusion"
12. Cleo "Triple"
13. Fin.K.L "Forever Love"
14. Fin.K.L "Jajonshim"
15. Fin.K.L "White"
16. Fin.K.L "Waiting for you"
17. Fin.K.L "You Wouldn't Know"
18. Park Ji Yoon "So Joong Han Sarang"
19. Park Ji Yoon "Sung in Shik"
20. SES "Dreams Come True"
21. Speed "White Love"
22. T.T.Ma "Prism"
23. Utada Hikaru "Automatic"
24. Utada Hikaru "First Love"
25. Utada Hikaru "Wait & See"