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jes call me a hotboy or *K~dAwG* tO LyNNe, BiGbRo tO HiRoMi, nAkA10 tO mAi diAbLo sQUaD, sHoRtStAh tO beCcA...itZ sHOrTsToP...tO MaI pIgEoN LaDiE iN dA 650 sCrUb...tA kRiStI tWiNkIe & 2 YuRiKa KiRkY.


RePPiN tHa BaY aReA

Taken by Cassie =)


RePPiN mY sPoRtZ bBaLL & bAsEbAll


TeLL mE wUtZ oN yO miNd


JaPaNeSe BuT gEt CoNfOOsEd WiT KoReAn ALL dA tiMe So iF u MaDe DaT miStAkE dUn TriP uR nOrMaL

<~*DrEaM GirL*~>
Sorry Ikai and Will but like I said Boa is my new dream girl

iM bOuTz 2 gO pLaTiNuM wiT Mai Boi'S wE rAppA's FoE LiFe HaHa RiTe ScOtt? WhO aM i AgAiN k~SmOOtH?

a/C ShOuToUtZ gOiN tO aLL mAi HoMeBoYz AnD hOmEgUrLz iN dA 925 510 408 650 415 209 916 562 559 714 LeMMe KnO iF i MiSSeD uR a/C AiiGhT?