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John Rodenhiser
Zion, Illinois
1978 RD400E
Have owned 3Rd's, 2 400's, and a 350

Harrison Cates Withers III
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Motorcycle: Yamaha 1974ish Rd 350 AC (it's a mutt, no matching #'s)
Color: Purple Nickname: One Eyed, Two horned, Flyin' Purple People Eater, or PPE for short
Modifications: DG pipes, mild to medium ported heads, boysen reeds, dual K&N's, barnett clutch, TZ front fender, Racer's Supply 3/4 fairing, Pro-flo clip-ons, Carrera seat.
Future mods: LED barake and turn signals, rear-sets, new pipes, new gauge cluster, polised triple tress, stainless lines

Greg Henry: Washington DC
Bikes: 1985 RZ350 KRS,
1987 CBR600 Hurricane

Mike McKeand
I started my 2smoke career on a Suzi JR50, then went to an '88 YSR50. Now I've graduated to a '78RD400E. I want that ysr back damnit!

Dave Curran
74 RD 350 I'm restoring, and an '84 RZ350 I ride. I used to have a 77 RD 400, but sold it years ago when I lost my Driver's license on it for a year (I guess that's the hooligan part)... Also have owned and ridden a GT380 and numerous stroker dirt bikes over the years. I pretty much smell like a chainsaw when the weather's nice enough to ride around here nowadays.

Lucas G
1976 suzuki GT-750 1981 yamaha RD350 LC

Bill Unger
Mesa, Arizona

Born in 52
first bike 72 (honda cb500 in Spain)
first 2 smoke 74 RD350 (new in 74) hot rodded it to 120 MPH
felt mortal when kids born 86/87 sold the 74 regretted it.....
now have 3 RD350's 3 RD400's
current projects: drag bike one of the RD350's, restoration of 77 RD400
smokin' every day, also smoke the dirt(desert)>P> Craig Coward: UK
Owned nothing but Suzi strokers from age 17 and 7 hours -- started with a B120, then to a GT200X5, then an X7, and now the only purple nasty 1976 GT380 in all England. Specialities include setting ignition timing by cigarette paper.

Dave Freist: Washington
Long-time 2-stroke owner and obsessionist. 52, pushing 25 mentally. Have owned and ridden daily a '68 Kawasaki 350 A7-SS in Bangkok, Thailand; a '73 RD-350 that I rode across the US in '74; a 75 H1; and my current ratbike '75 RD-350. Been responsible for many other hooligans getting their carbs jetted right; current instigator of the reed cage/balance tube modification.

My name is Dale. I am 30 years old and have been riding motorcycles for over ten years. In that time I have owned over ten bikes. I now own three which include a 1976 RD350 race bike, a 1974 H1 which I am converting into a 70's GP bike and is now named H1RR, and finally a 1999 GS500E. I already belong to the NAKTC and am a frequent visitor to Tom Loftis' site and forum. I would reccommend it anyone that has a Kawasaki triple.

Aaron Atkins: California

Started out at 6, on an Italjet 50. Been riding ever since. I've owned 6 350's, and 2 400's. Currently building a club racing 350, and thinking about stuff for my streeter. I live in California's high desert and open my garage for hours of off pavement ripping. Also play with hot boats, hot rods, and any other adolescent pastime I can come up with.

Todd in Hollywood

(say like Bevis) Huh, huh two strokes are cool. huh huh huh

Dallas: 19/M in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
I am currently restoring a 1976 GT500. you can check out my progress @

Jeff Anderson
Age 44..Fairbanks, Alaska (yes, we do have motorcycles)

First bike '73 Yamaha XS650
First 2 stroke '78 Yamaha RD400
Current stable:
'75 RD350 (drag bike)
'76 RD400 (parts bike)
'77 RD400 (resto bike)
'94 XT600 (commuting thumper)
'99 Suzuki GSXR600 (for track days)
Sold my first 400 back in '82, and have regretted it ever since. Started collecting bikes and parts slowly over the following years. Still looking for more RDs. I know there are at least a dozen of them stashed around this town.

Greg Spaide: Louisville Kentucky
'76 RD400.
This is my first 2-stroker. I am 34, 2 beautiful little girls and a lovely wife, and live just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. I have an elctrical education and a mechanical background also. I have been riding since I was 5.

Alec Kosky: Tuscon, Arizona
Born in '76 Owned a 1977 RD400 since 1993, finally riding the bike in 2000 (ok, so I left it sitting for a few years during the rebuild process).
Looking to build an RZ500-engined, FZR-framed beast of a bike (this is going to be fun!)

Judy Hawkins: Vancouver USA (Washington State)

1975 RD350, 6880 original miles, stock except addition of color matched qtr.-fairing, clubman bars & Koni shocks.
1974 RD350, DG Heads, J&R Chrome Expansion Chambers, Billet Clip-ons, RZ350 Front end w/ progressive springs, RZ brakes & wheels, CalFab swingarm, Marzzochi shocks, SB brake lines, custom fabricated/painted Don Vesco bodywork. My "mad vision" of 23 years ago.
1976 RD400, untitled, partly in pieces. Want to restore it with '77 Red Graphics.
1988 KX-80 Big Wheel. I'd like to find an AR-80 (GPz lookalike) rolling chassis & stick the KX motor in. Talk about a mini cafe-racer from hell.....woohoo!
1979 KZ650 (oooooh noooooooo) a boring 4-stroke. But tastefully "cafe'd" & reliable to run for parts for my IMPORTANT bikes! The car and trailer stay out in the rain, of course!

Barry Sanel
New York I race and RD at Loudon NH & Daytona in CCS and USCRA.
I own:
75 RD 250 - White - Now converted to 350 & in Race trim.
75 RD 250 - White - Stock, street.
74 RD 250 - White - Parts
74 RD 250 - Brown - Parts.
71 R5 350 - Orange/Black - Low milage, street.
65 Yamaha - Red - U5 50cc scooter.
50cc Vintage GP bike custom built, engine was from a Yamaha JT1 minienduro. Not done yet.
80 Honda CM200T for my wife, Ava.

Name: Ted Fairfield (aka Ted in NJ)
75 Furnace Rd. Chester, NJ, USA 07930
Born 1950
First bike: 1966 Yamaha TwinJet 100, 1968 Current bikes: 1964 Ducati 125 Bronco, street 4-stroke, since 1983 1971 Bultaco 125 Lobito, 2-stroke enduro, since 1979 1974 Yamaha RD350A, since 1994. The first motorcycle I ever owned with turn signals. It's so modern! Mostly stock, but not original color. Seat re-covered because I always disliked that chrome strip. Soon to have DG pipes, K&N filter on Y-tube, Boyesen reeds. I first rode an RD350 in 1974. A friend bought one as his first motorcycle and let me ride it. I was astounded by it. It was much quicker than my Triumph Bonneville. I took it up a freeway on-ramp and was very surprised when I reached the top of the ramp doing 85 mph. I wanted one ever since. Then a few years ago I saw one at a firemen's auction, so I snatched it up. Been fixing it up gradually since then. BTW, two weeks after my friend got his RD, he was waiting at a light. When it turned green, he started off, but a car coming the other way tried to make a left turn in front of him. Not yet being familiar with the acceleration characteristics of his bike, he got there earlier than the car-driver, or he, expected and launched over the hood ("bonnet" to our British brothers, although going over the hood would have been more dramatic). He was OK, but I didn't ride an RD again until I got mine.

Have owned yamaha ag.100, dt.250d, xt550j, rz350k. honda ct90, cb250n. suzuki gt550triple. 28inch bicycle with 125 2stroke lawnmower engine attached

Josh Assing
Washington, U.S.
Long time rd owner; traded my 1st "real" bike (supersport) for a rd350 after I rode the rd one block. Have an "rd rat bike" now ( Had a Suz. tripple and Kawi tripple too. Also have Husky chain saw & craftsman weed whacker in two stroke glory. Have a Kaw. KX420 for thumping about in the woods & trails.

Bion St.Berneard
I have been roadracing a 175 Bridgestone and DS 7 Yamaha for several years. Haven't won much,but have had a lot of fun.

Mukund Row, Auburn Hills,MI.
Motorcycling since 1986. Experience with strokers:100,000 miles.
Former Stable:
(All derivatives except the RD) Kawasaki KH125, Suzuki GS 100/125, Yamaha RSX 100, Yamaha RD350B, Zundapp 175, Jawa 250
Current Stable:
'74 Yamaha RD350A, '00 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R
Future steeds:
Honda XR650R
I've been an avid fan of motorcycling since I was 15. I was using strokers for both transportation and pleasure. Did some off-road motor rallying with the Yamaha and Suzuki singles. I'm 29 now and still extremly passionate about it. I'm trying to get as technically involved as possible in restoring my RD350A to stock right now.
Visit me at my virtual home:

Lee Cornelison
I live in Tehachapi California
. I currently own a 1973 Yamaha RD350. My dad baught it new on April 17, 1973, right from the dealer, and it is now mine. It has been sitting for about 7 years, so it will need some work before hitting the road, but when it does hit the road, it's gonna scream! Everything on it is original, even the paint job, which looks brand new, even the emblems on the bike are new looking, it only has 19,000 miles on it at the moment, I'll put an end to that puny number soon enough I hope.

Mark Roberts(no relation to Kenny),
Streator Illinois

Age 40, Started riding: 1969, Bike: Honda Z-50 (not a 2 stroke) 1st 2 stroke: 71 Yamaha 80 G-6S-B rotary valve Cafe racer style bike (I want another one!) 1st Street Bike: '78 RD400E bought new while stationed at Pearl Harbor Hawaii, when I was 18yrs old. (still own it!) Current 2 strokes: RZ500N, 2 RD400's (C&E), RD350B(needs work), RG250 w/RZ350 motor (the Gammaha!) JT1 Mini Enduro, Various 2 stroke dirt bikes. I hope to take a group photo soon.

Lee Stromberg
Currently the owner of 5 2-strokes - an '84 RZ350, a '75 Kawasaki 500 H1, 2 Jet Skis, and a Weed-Whacker. I attended Smoke on the water, and led most of the ride (That's why we probably got lost!). I want to be a Hooligan.

Brian Murphy
Watertown MA
1984 Yamaha RZ350 ypvs. In need of wing ding company.

Michael Rewis
Anchorage, Alaska
Long time Yamaha fanatic. 1st bike a 74 TY80 at age 7. Raced motocross in Florida during 80's and early 90's, Florida Motocross Club 15-24 year old series champ in 1990 riding a YZ490. Owned a 1990 FZR1000 which was stolen at Moroso Raceway in West Palm Beach BEFORE! my roadrace(i was physically sick for months afterwards). In 1995, rode a 1991 XT600 from Gainesville, Fl. to Anchorage, AK where I now live and work as a flight paramedic. Recently acquired a 75 RD350 for a complete restoration.

Eric Stigleman
Fort wayne IN
Bike: '81 Yam RD350LC-pretty much stock. Bought used in '84 or '85 for short lived WERA racing. Mostly garaged while I had 750's. 15K Km's. 750's gone now, its still here, so lets have some smokin' fun.

:Tim Dodge

Tim Larson
Two-stroke fan since childhood. current owner of five bikes. '68 & '72 t500's, '73 GT550, '70 DS6, and a '77 DT400. As you can see, I am a hard bitten fan.

Dave Gelfund
I live in N. IL and am the prou owner for 18+ yrs of a 1975 RD 200-B Yamaha. I have ridden Yammies since 1970 and learned on a 1966 60cc Yamaha.

William R. Hunt Columbus, Ohio 43212-2767 The 2-strokes I currently own: 1974 RD350 cafe' racer 1976 RD400 1977 RD400 1978 RD400-fantastic original condition and finally 1982 Honda MB5- almost a moped w/5 gears, top speed 55mph! I own one lone 4-stroke, and she has a following that is stronger then the RD bikes---a 1978 SR500e thump thump.

Katrina Decker,
San Francisco, CA
I have owned (or has it owned me??) a 1985 RZ350 for about 4 years now, and have done my own bit of hooliganisms to it and on it! Right now I'm in the process of adding Spec II full bodywork to it. The rest of the stable includes: 1975 CB400F, 1986 GSXR750, 1987 XR200 and 1989 Honda Hawk. Although they're not 2 strokes, I love 'em all. I've been riding for about 11 or 12 years, and don't think I'm anywhere close to stopping !! I am looking for other strokers in the Bay Area,

Bill Hawley
New York
. I own a 1975 Gt750M (Suzuki "Water Buffalo"), and also serve as the NY State coordinator of the Suzuki Owners Club - USA. My 'buff is a daily rider with over 50,000 miles on the clock (actual mileage is probably closer to 65,000 as the speedo was inoperative for nearly a year - didn't see much point in fixing it, as I knew how fast I was going by the tach). I ride her 12 - 15,000 miles/ year on average, and ride all but a handful of days (yes, even in Winter in Western NY). I am a "dyed in the wool two stroke fan