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Membership Rules and Regulations

#1: The words:"I got a...." or "Let's go for a..." or " Can I come over for a..." constitute an official meeting, 2 Hooligans minimun.

#2: Eligibility of members: Any past or present ownership of a 2-stroke of any kind even a McCulloch chainsaw will do, and don't think you can hide that old can of Suzuki CCI, Castrol GP, or Quicksilver outboard lube from a Hooligan! An old NGK B8-ES plug is grounds for immediate induction to the club.

#3: Failure to call fellow Hooligans prior to a "mission" could result in being blackballed from the club, and failure to chase down any other 2-smoke rider to rope him in is also severely frowned upon.

#4: Conspicuos behavior(wheelies, seizures, and such) must be reported to the local Chapter Head Hooligan for potential honorary mention ASAP.

#5: Hooligans should attempt, as much as practically possible, to keep their machines within the club, and notify other Hooligans of any strokers they see for sale.

#6: If you have a 4-stroke, you must at a minimum, lube some component on the bike with TC-W2 BIA certified or equivalent 2-Cycle oil, preferably put some castor in the gas tank when riding with fellow Hooligans(catalytic pipes are exempt) so they will recognize you.

#7: All members must wear manic grin and demonic stare at all times when riding.