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Our Favorite Bucks

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These are our bucks

Schmidt's H.H. Benjamin

Benjamin is registered. His birthday is 12/22/96. Benjamin lives at Suzanne's rabbitry. Ear #KD31.

L.L.'s Alexander

Alexander is a new addition to our rabbitry. He has one leg, and hopefully will continue to show well. He is just 6 months old, and is very sweet. He is a broken orange, and is about to be a father. We bred him to Muffy. She is due 12/16/99. Alex lives at Suzanne's Rabbitry.

Schmidt's H.H. Callypso

Callypso is registered and he has 2 GC Legs (we are hoping he will grand soon). Callypso lives at Ninette's rabbitry. Ear #CI11 (image coming soon).

Lov's Rocky

Rocky is not yet registered and is unshown (too young). Being an aguti, we are hoping to add some good colors to out rabbitry along with his solid body and big bone. Rocky lives at Suzanne's rabbitry. Ear #625.

Schmitdt's H.H. Jupiter

He is rgistered. We have a litter fom him with Muffy right now, they are really cute. Jupi lives at Suzanne's rabbitry.

Schwind's Romeo

Romeo is registered and has shown well. We have just stared to use him in our lines. He is Benjamin's son. We are very impressed with his first litter. His birthday is 4/28/98. Romeo lives at Suzanne's rabbitry. Ear#MB11.

Schmidt's H.H. Wiskey Boy

Wiskey is a Grand Champion, and he has 1 BOB (best of breed). Wisk lives at Ninette's rabbitry. Ear #XW21