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Healthy Bunnies= Happy Bunnies


How to make Healthy Bunnies

To keep our rabbits healthy and happy we have to do everything on the above list. You too can improve your rabbits health/ happiness by using some of these methods. The first and formost thing is to feed your rabbit/s twice a day, moring (feed) night (pellets). Also check their water at these times. While feeding/ cleaning their cages you also might want to do a general health check. If you see a rabbit that is not eating, or needs toe nails clipped, do it right then. I know some breeders who clean their rabbits trays everyday. This is an excellent practice although it takes alot of determination to not skip even one day. But it's nice. If it's not possible to clean everyday, than don't go more than one week before cleaning them again. I use Zaps It for spraying the tray swith after a wash down. It controls odor and flies. Whenever you do give rabbits medicine always record this on a medical record for indiviual rabbits. I record when I wormed them and when they need to be wormed again. I use dewormed as a prevention every three months. Also petra malt is an excellent furball preventative. It works! Lastly make sure your bunnies get all the excersize they need. I built a large pvc pipe pen which worked well, and the buns love it. Does can socialize, and babies can run about. Remeber Healthy bunnies=Happy Bunnies!!!!!!