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Tips on Breeding Rabbits


A nest box

A buck and a doe

Wood chips (pine/dust free)**




Apple cider vinegar*


A large cage (30" x 30")

* optional

** some people don't like to use the wood chips because they can be toxic to the babies.

How to Breed them

First take the doe to the buck's cage. (not the other way around)

Next watch carefully.

If you see the buck fall off the doe and make a sound, that's a connection.

Preferably, you want to see at least three connections.

Now take the doe out of the buck's cage.

Put her in her own cage.

Keep Records

Make sure you have pedigrees for the doe and the buck, so the babies will have pedigrees.

Record the date you bred them, and the connections.

On a calendar count 31 days and that's the day to be expecting the babies.

When they are born record the date and how many live and dead, etc.

Baby Bunnies

If all has gone well your doe should be pulling fur to make a nest on the 28-30th day. Place a nest box in her cage so she can prepare for the arrival of the kits. You will know if she has kindled because the nest material in the box will most likely be moving about. After you wash your hands, carefully check out the babies. Remove any dead ones. If it is a cold day take the box inside. If you suspect the doe to still have more in her, take the doe in too. The doe will normally not get her milk for another 24 hours after giving birth. After that the young babies will be eager to get their first meal. The mom should feed them about once or twice a day. Now you can enjoy watching these cute babies grow into adorable bunnies.