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Alphabet Activities

Letter of the Week Activity

During the school year, I concentrate on one letter each week starting with "A" and going on in the order of the alphabet.Each week the children bring something that starts with the letter of the week to school in a plastic baggie.The children are all given a chance to share the item that they brought and I write the name of the object on a large chart tablet next to their name.At the end of "sharing" we count up how many of that particular letter that I wrote down.This really enhances their letter recognition skills.I then, staple up their items (in their baggie) on a special "alphabet board" and also staple the large chart tablet with all the words written down.It stays up all week and then the children take home their share items on Friday.(they bring the next letter in on Monday)The children in my class really enjoy this activity and have really responded well to recognizing their letters.

"What starts with..."

Along with the "letter of the Week" activity, I also do an art activity that is related to that particulat letter we are learning about that week. If we are learning about the letter "M", I cut out a large "M" out of construction paper for each child. I then think of something that begins with "M" that the children can glue onto their cut-out "M's".Things like macaroni!I send these items home with the children, so that they can talk about the letter that we are learning about at home with their families.

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