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Simple ... Yet Oh So Complex

A profile of a collector of Matthews Marbles

My name is Greg McIntyre and I live in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

I've been collecting Matthews marbles for over three years now. Actually I had been looking at them on the internet for a couple years before I bought my first one. I'm the type of guy that has to have something in hand before I buy it. Buying over the internet was a very hard thing for me to do. So I planned a trip to a Marble Show in Columbus three years ago, with two goals. One ... to meet the internet friends which I had made while searching for Matthews Marbles and Two .... (of course) to see and buy a Matthews marble. I was really quite interested in seeing and purchasing a "Jetson". I was disappointed to find out that Mark Matthews was not able to make the show. As I was leaving for the airport, I decided to phone Mark, it was then I was told they were unable to attend. So I made arrangements with Jim to have a "Jetson" sent to a dealer in Columbus for me to view. So off to Buckeye Marble Show for a Marble Adventure.

The first thing I saw when I entered the Columbus Airport was a display case in the middle of the hallway. Inside, a large glass bowl containing nine Matthews Marbles. It was if it was placed there to greet me, I couldn't believe it! A sign of great things to come.

After I checked into the hotel I decided to look for my internet friends. A stroll down the hallway and I noticed a room with an open door, inside a fellow selling marbles. In the first display case I looked at was an unbelievable BLUE JETSON. Now this is the first time I've ever seen one in hand, and I was just blown away. So I just had to buy it! Its an older one, made in 1989, small and dark blue, its a beauty! I consider it to be the highlight of the collection.

Thats the only one like it I've ever seen! Well up until a couple weeks ago. I search Ebay all the time looking for Matthews Marbles. Mainly his "Air Trap" styles, and I came across another Dark Blue Jetson. Now then, I rarely bid on anything at ebay, but I just had to have this one!

So, one week later this package arrives.

Inside ..... another Dark Blue Beauty

The "Seller" has become another Internet Friend .... Kathy Warne from Michigan.

Geeze did I get side tracked?

Lets see where did I leave off with my Columbus story ... right ... I had just bought my first Jetson.

So off I went to find my Internet pals. They were altogether in Clyde's room, about 12 of us from all over, from coast to coast. I had been talking to these people via the internet for a couple years and it was very interesting meeting them all for the first time. You couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people! We had a blast!

The next day I found the Clear Jetson that Jim from Matthews Art Glass had sent to a dealer for me to view. Of course I bought that one too! So my Columbus adventure was a great success! Two Jetsons and some wonderful memories of a super weekend shared with friends.

Simple ... Yet Oh So Complex

Is how I describe the "Air Trap" designs.

As you can see the collection has grown since Columbus. I've been very lucky to get some real nice ones and some very hard to find colors. Such as the Super Light Blue #8 and the Yellow Z5000 not to mention the Dark Red Jetson and Air Twist!

My favorite would have to be the "Jetson" design, in any color. It gets its name from the shape of the air bubbles resembling the futuristic homes and buildings from the cartoon "The Jetsons".

The Shelf

Was beautifully designed and crafted by a local woodworker/artist, Brian Gladwell. As you can see he did a wonderful job, I really think it compliments the marbles. Please notice the curves and Brian's control of exposure of the woodgrain. Once again the simple/complex thing going on.

I describe myself as an "Art Collector"

The collection is really Art driven, I consider the Matthews to be Glass Scupltures.

Here are the other designs that I couldn't live without.

And I'm sure there are more to come!

Once again the Shelf is by Brian Gladwell