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Hello There Lorraine!

This is an excellent test for my future adventures on the internet! Now the following pictures are of Joe Fafard Cows even though they kinda look like Marbles! This webpage is SUPER easy to do!

Nice ones

Hopefully I will be buying a digital camera soon - I think it will be quite entertaining! Probably a Sony Mavica either the 73 or the 83. Leaning towards the 83. But there is still some research to do!

I got these ones here in town

Like a great place to post Mountain Biking pictures plus whatever else I want. Like the Simpson Infinity Contest thing. Just send the LINK to who ever I want to see this page - and they can!

Got these for a buck a piece

Thats a Peltier Miller Rebel and a Akro Silver Oxblood both 13/16's SUPER nice marbles - My best find yet!

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