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Guardian Angel Hangers
Hand made in the U.S.A.
( Since 1988 )
Made with Crystals, Checz Glass, Or Glass.
An Angel and One of the assorted charms.

Continually Under Construction

Angel Hanger's $17.00
INCLUDES Shipping and Handling! for U.S. Addresses, Lower prices for multiple orders!

Please note all money received from purchases made on this web page is used to buy Yarn that is stitched into blaknets and donated to charities such as Doctors Without Borders, The Police, Nonprofit Nursing homes and More. (Pictures will be here soon)

I will soon Have MORE picutures of stuff for sale to Get money for YARN, A 'usable' YARN DONATION would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

You can email me with your choce of Colors, Angels and Charms.
You Can Click Here to See the Choices.
Using The pictures as an example, I will hand make you one.
Thank You.
You get a card like this with each Angel Hanger purchased.

Click to order, Please enter R1 as the Item. Click to order, Please enter Rd1 as the Item. Click to order, Please enter Bl3 as the Item. Click to order, Please enter Gld2 as the Item. Click to order, Please enter Pk1 as the Item.

and You can click the
Necklace and Amulet bag
pictures to see more of them.

Click here to see More Amulet Bags Click here to see More Necklaces

If you are interested in purchase please include # or Letters shown in picture.
You can click the photos or use the mail box below to email me.

I Now Accept Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!Payments!
Paypal purchases get the order Quickly.
We ship our Packages by Priority mail with insurance and tracking.

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Amulet Bags. I . Click here to go to "California Gourd Society" . I . My Gourds

Due to spamming the email address has been removed. call between 10am and 5pm PST to 805-497-8509 Last Updated 2007.11.28 (YYYY.MM.DD)

Background music "Angel" used with Permission
You Can Find Sarah McLachlans' site and songs by clicking here

Photos Glowdark

Since I do NOT make a profit from this web page I do not feel it necessary to buy web space. Thanks for understanding and dealing with the ads.