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Triangular Frame Looms,Videos, 
Stands, & Kits 
Gentle Wovens


All Looms have Tall Wooden Pegs and are
made from Poplar Hardwood.  The Stand
is also made from Poplar Hardwood.

Prices as of 12-1-99

18 inch 
 Good for Samples or Tri-Babies
or as a "Wearable Art Neckpiece"
or for other projects, such as Toys, Patchwork or any other creative idea that you can imagine!
3 ft (36 inches)
Can be used as Collar on a larger shawl
or for Pillows and other projects
4ft (48 inches)
Good as a Shoulder Scarf or 
join 2 together for a short Ruana orPoncho
60 inches
Good for a Small Shawl or 
join 2 for a Ruana or Poncho or a Lap Blanket
6ft (72 inches)
Most popular size!  Makes a fine Shawl for the 
average person.  I use it to obtain a "Sunset Effect"
when weaving with a two-yard color repeat.  For weaving details, click on Sunset Effect above (coming soon)
7ft (84 inches)
Good for a Large Shawl or Couch Throw
Tripod Stand/Easel

Made of Poplar Hardwood


This Tripod Stand/Easel is specially designed 
to support a Triangular Frame Loom in either the
Point-Up, Point-Down or Sideways position
and will accommodate all sizes except looms smaller than 2ft -
though when they are that small, you don't need a stand.

This Tripod Stand/Easel  is ADJUSTABLE so that the weaver may raise or lower the loom and can even sit to weave if so desired!



This 60 minute Video will take you step by step thru the creation 
of a small neckpiece - a "Tri-Baby" using a continuous center pull strand 
of yarn.  This same technique is used on any size Triangular Loom. 

I will teach you the 
Weaving Point-Up Method
In addition, you will learn 
how to make beautiful Mohair Flower Pins to use as 
an accent for your shawl!

Instructions for making a Pegged 18"Loom are included with the Video, though you may still want to obtain a copy of -
The Triangular Frame Loom

- by Linda Smith - for the Weaving Point-Down method, along with additional tips for building larger looms as well as a fringe maker; for pattern design technique, for yardage needs, a few project ideas and for some basic tips, (some included and some not included in my Video)

Remember, the shape of the loom is the same whether you weave Point-Up or Point-Down, and the outcome of weaving is identical - though the technique differs slightly.  Also, the project possibilities and the design processes are exactly the same!


(a great buy!)

This kit includes a Video 
and 18 inch Loom 
along with Satin Cord, Pony Beads, 
Tools, Embellishments, and Acrylic and 
Mohair Yarn for 2 Complete Projects, 

Click here for 
Ordering Instructions

For those of you who need more project ideas and would like to try some
different weaving techniques, check out Linda Smith's book -   Patterns,
Weaving Techniques and Project Ideas for Triangular Frame Looms.
One of my "pet" projects is included in the book!

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