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'South LA has always been considered the black part of town, and by many it still is. South LA is far from being the ghetto depicted in all these black movies like BOYZ IN THE HOOD, and MENACE TO SOCIETY. It is more than half latino, and in some regions more than 75% latino. The way latinos are depicted in these movies is far from reality. Latinos are the ones that invented most of the stuff that black gangsters are doing in Little Rock Arkansas, and New Orleans. We invented the stuff that blacks are doing in Compton or Watts, and any Blood or Crip who knows his history will even tell you that. In the book about Bloods and Crips, an Og member of the crips says that the eses were the first to walk the walk and talk the talk. There has always been animosity between the black and latino neighborhood, but on the personal level most of them get along. As groups they always clash, and the barrios and sets usually dont get along. This will be dedicated to the vatos who inspired all the hard core gangster rap in existence, the SOUTH LA barrios.

There is an anomly between West Side and South LA wich is South Central LA. It is divided between WLA and SLA and in some sense is actually its own side, hence SCSIDE. There is a quirck, wich is Primera Flats, who has an ES, and a WS wich is really in South Central. They claim WSC or West Side/South Central, even though they are clearly East Side South Central. They claim WS because it is west of the LA river, and their ES is East. Some barris like Harpys wich has always claimed WS now claims South Central. And some barrios wich have claimed both WS and SS decide to consolidate under South Central. Then South Central developed Sides. West of the 110 freeway is WS/SC, East of the 110 is ES/SC, and the part of LA city wich is South of like Slauson is either plain SS or plain SC. 18 street TLS is caught in a paradox. They are East of the 110, mainly South of Slauson, yet claim WS18st or SC18ST. There is SS18ST near by but they are totally different.

'In this section I will tell about Florencia, SSPlayerz, 38th Street and a few other barrios.

'South Side Florencia is the biggest, most feared and respected gang in SLA. They have always been adamant about their allegiance to the South Side, and have refused to claim any other side no matter where they live or where they expand to. They have usually been against any barrio claiming another side and especially West Side. Florencia allegedly started near Florence and Atlantic and at one point actually owned all of Florence street from Inglewood to Santa Fe Springs. They are very large and have many cliques throughout SLA in South Gate, Paramount, Downey, Bellflower and more. They too have clicked up other gangs and crews to their ranks. Recently they started a clique in Hollywood and are claiming West Side of all things. It was only a matter of time before they they decided to expand like 18st. Florencia and 18st have long been rivals but the situation got worse when 18 started a South Side around the late 80s. It is now considered by some to be larger in numbers than Florencia. This may be so but it is the least organized of all the 18st sides and is spread out alot. Florencia has been losing ground to many barrios in SLA, especially in the South Central region where a myriad gangs popped up over night. The old 38st has taken most of the western territory of Florencia and Barrio Mojados wich is nearly gone. Florencia too has many cliques outside of LA but theres are mainly towards Orange County. They may be the largest LA gang in Orange County. They also have cliques in Las Vegas and I heard in Oakland. They are the largest LA gang in Mexico city where they are neighbored by other LA gangs like 18st and even Mara.

' South Side Playerz, as I have recently learned, is a brand new barrio. They were started by Colonial Watts wich I have always known to be one of the oldest and biggest barrios in Watts. They amiably became independent and remained close to their father barrio wich is rare, actually the first time I heard of that. They moved to South Gate and claimed that as there permanent neighborhood, and from there spread to SC on 105th street. I know they have a clique in Palmdale and one somewhere in the IE(mor to come).

'Thirty Eighth Street may be the oldest barrio in South Central. The celebrated Sleepy Lagoon incident was caused by them. They were originally South Side and now have an East Side wich allegedly used to be Maravilla territory. They are a very large gangs and inhabit one of the worst ghettos I have ever seen. They got a real rough neighborhood.

'In South Gate there is Kansas St, Gardenview Locos, Bad Ass Yougsters, South Gate Locos, a Florencia clique, a SS18st clique, and SSPlayerz.

In Compton the barrio wich i have feard is the actual oldest is Compton Varrio La Tres, wich is 133rd Street. They have perhaps one of the oldest cliques composed of only females, and these rucas are nationally known. I heard from somebody that at one point the only ones that were holding down the barrio were rucas and they actually jumped in vatos to bring the neighborhood back. They were started in the mid 50s. Another barrio that claims to be the first in Compton is CV Seven-O, wich apparently is named after 70 street in extreme North Long Beach. They are probably the largest barrio in Compton, closely rivaled by La Cinco and CVTortilla Flats. There is alot of barrios in Compton though.

In Watts there is Lil Watts, apparently Big Watts, Colonial Watts, Grape Street, Front Street, and alot more. In Lynwood there is alot of cliques off barrio Lynwood but apparently they are all considered seperate barrios. The same as Pacoima and Paramount. The most known one is Lynwood Varrio Crazy Cats.



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