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Galloping Gossips - Equestrian Square Dance TeamThe Galloping Gossips Equestrian Square Dance Team formed in 1957, and has performed in rodeos, parades, and other special events throughout Southern California and Arizona. For over 44 years, their motto has been to look good, ride fast, and dazzle the crowds!

This all-women's equestrian team specializes in Square Dance on horseback. In addition to their parades and performances, they perform rodeo flag entries, settle stock for team penning, and participate in area commercials and Gossip calendars.

Square dance moves are performed at a working lope, with the "ladies" dressed in full skirts, and the "gents" in bat wing chaps. Flying lead changes, sliding stops, rollbacks, and back-ups are all part of the team's repertoire. Always, they ride for the enjoyment of the crowd.

The team consists of 8-12 members, all of whom keep their own horses and transportation. Weekly practices last 2-1/2 hours, and keep the team ready to "hit the road" any time.

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Upcoming Events:

Brawley Cattle Call
November 9, 2002

Night of the Horse, Del Mar, 2001

Some Recent Events:

Alpine Parade, October 2002

Del Mar National Horseshow, 2001 and 2002
Opening Flag Drill and Square Dance Intermission

Baghdad, Arizona Rodeo
Featured Act - Square Dance on Horseback

Night of the Horse - Check out more photos from Del Mar!
Square Dance on Horseback
Del Mar Fair Grounds, Del Mar, California

Hollywood's Christmas Parade, 2001

Booking The Galloping Gossips for your event:

Contact Sherry O'Malley (
or Marie DeYesso (
for booking information, or to find out how you can join the Galloping Gossips!

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