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German Pronunciation Rules

Special Letters in German:

Here's the basic pronunciation rules for German:


a: ah as in the a in father

e: a sort of cross between the English short e and the English long a

i: a sort of cross between the English short i and the English long e

o: the English long o

u: the Englihs long u (as in the oo in root)


b:same as English

c:English hard c

d:same as English

f:same as English

g:English hard g

h:is sounded (like the h in hat)

j:like the y in yet

k:same as English

l:same as English

m:same as English

n:same as English

p:same as English

q:as far as I know, same as English

r: I think it's supposed to have a sort of guturral role, if you can, but its fine if you say it the same as English

s:same as English

t:same as English

v:like the f in fat

w:like the v in vest

x:same as English, as far as I know

y:same as English, as far as I know

z:the ts sound

Special Letters

: a cross between the English a in cat and the English a in mat

: sort of like the ir in stir, but not exactly

:a cross between the short i and short u. Difficult to explain

:Like the s in sat

Vowel combonations

ai:like the y in my

au:like the ow in cow

u:like the oy in employ

ei:like the y in by

ie:like the e in me

Consonant combonations

st:when at the begining of the word, sht

ch:sort of like the ch in the Scottish word loch