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            Burning Man 2000         

    This year I went with hopeful expectations for warm nights, but a bag packed with warm clothes, and an extra can of propane for my old catalytic heater for each night just in case.  I'm glad I came prepared.  Last year's weather was pretty much perfect except for the 100 mph windstorm the first night, and the fact that as soon as the sun dropped behind the mountains the temperature dropped 35 degrees.  This year was warm, and then windy, and then really windy, and then cold and windy, and then rainy and windy, and then the last two days were perfect and cold at night.

    But because of the weather, I spent a lot more time at center camp than I did the last couple of years.  The new circular pavillion design was great.  I offered readings to anyone who asked, and made some wonderful friends.  I look forward to seeing you all again next year.  Hopefully, I won't be there alone, the days will be 90, and the nights will be 75.


    Here are a couple of throw-in pictures of my trip up to the Black Rock Desert.


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