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Scientific equipment for unbelieveably low prices!

Look at this equipment!
All for sale at fraction of the original cost! The following is a list of used equipment for sale, with no reasonable price refused!
Some items have minimum prices set to avoid giving it away! Others are up for grabs with no reasonable price refused!*

All Equipment listed on this page is 100% functional and complete.
Manuals are included if available.

Equipment for Sale:

Bausch & Lomb 0.7-3.0X Stereo Microscopes

Fluke 8922A True RMS Voltmeter

HP 3400A RMS Voltmeter

HP 400 FL AC Voltmeter

HP 4815A Vector Impedance Meter

HP 5316B Universal Counter

HP 5384A Frequency Counter

HP 6205B Dual Power Supply

HP 651B Test Oscillator

HP 654A Test Oscillator

Loctite Zeta 7400 UV Cure Station

Nikon 6C Comparator w/ halogen upgrade

Tektronix 2213A 60MHz Oscilloscope

Tektronix 465 Oscilloscope w/ DM 40 digital meter

TIF Halogen Leak Detector Model # 5500

Unitron Tool Makers Microscope TMS-6600 w/ Filar

West Bond Ultrasonic Wire Bonder Model 7400A

Complete Americom D1632 Digital telephone system with:
17 each 10-button speaker/LCD messaging stations, 1 each 16-button speaker/LCD messaging station w/ 16-button adjunct, KSU and all manuals. THIS PHONE SYSTEM IS Y2K COMPLIANT AND 100% FUNCTIONAL

2 Epson FX-5000 Dot matrix printers

Olympus BHMJ head w/ LaSico digital reticule mounted on X-Y table

Olympus Stereo microscope head w/ objectives

Luctor Magnum 8100 Disk drive tester

Ray Products positive pressure flow hoods

Please send an email to for additional information or to make an offer!

* We, the sellers of the equipment reserve the right to determine what is a reasonable price for ANY equipment for sale listed on this site.

Last updated 05/15/2003