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Internet Resources & Links

Joe Gonzales

Professor of English, Reading, English as a Second Language

San Joaquin Delta College

Office: SHIMA 201

Communication Skills Division

Telephone: (209) 954-5589

5151 Pacific Avenue


Stockton, California 95207


Internet Resources

Welcome to Internet Resources!

Click on the following for research and writing assistance:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dogpile: A Search Engine for Research

Technical Writing Textbook Web Site

How To Write an Essay

The Owl at Purdue

Grammar Resource & Exercises

Principles of Composition

The Writing Process

Structural Considerations

Patterns of Organization

Researchpaper Information


MLA Style Manual

MLA's Guide to Citing Electronic Resources

APA Style Manual

APA Style Guide

Logic & Fallacies

Logic in Argumentative Writing

Using Logic

Logical Fallacies

Using Logic in Writing

Does Logic Always Work?


White House


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